Soft Ice Cream Machine

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Get the taste of summer with a soft ice cream machine

When the summer months hit (and let’s face it, all year round!), there’s nothing like the cooling delight of a delicious ice-cream in all the flavours you can imagine. Ice cream is favourite with kids and adults alike so it’s always a popular addition to your shop, café or restaurant. In our soft ice cream machine range from the food experts at Royal Catering, you’ll find convenient and versatile devices for a preparing and serving soft cones, sorbets, Thai ice cream rolls and more!

What’s your flavour?

• Serve all kinds of ice cream

• Self-service

• High Capacity

• Up to three flavours

• Dairy or non-dairy options

If you’re looking for a quick, exciting and convenient way to serve ice cream to your guests, then it’s time to check out our soft ice cream machine range. Whether you’re looking for a simple, self-service option or an ice cream roll machine to bring out your own artisan creations, we’ve got a sweet investment for your catering equipment! Our soft ice cream machines are available in two main types. First up, we’ve got our traditional upright soft ice cream machines that are great for self-service and particularly compact for shops, cafés, and even arcades, movie theatres and sports grounds. The upright soft ice cream machines are great for provide quick service in large quantities. Available in capacities of up to 13litres, you can choose between one, two, or three flavours to maximize on customer choice! Our deluxe soft ice cream machine allows you to serve three choices of flavours and can produce up to 44 litres an hour. This soft ice cream machine guarantees quick production, taking as little as ten minutes to whip up a fresh batch. You can keep an eye on quantities using the digital display and the intuitive consistency checker makes sure every cone is served to creamy perfection! Next up, we have our ice cream roll machines that allow you to get really creative blending up Thai style ice cream by hand. Thai ice cream can be made with dairy and non-dairy milk and in an endless combination of flavours, with our largest machine allowing you to display up to ten flavours and work on two preparation plates at once. This way your customers get to see their delicious dessert prepared before their eyes!

More ways to serve soft ice cream

• Easy to Clean

• Stainless Steel

• Mobile Use

Our cheapest Thai ice cream maker is compact and allows space to prepare two medium ice cream rolls at once. Best of all, with is rubber wheels, you can transport your machine for service on the go – a great addition to your mobile catering equipment! All of our Thai and soft ice cream machines are created with high quality stainless steel and are designed for easy clean-up and intuitive operation. Okay, so you’ve installed your soft ice cream machine, but did you know there are many more serving options as well as cups and cones? Ice cream is a great way to get more use out of your other snack bar equipment! Why add a freshly whipped side of ice cream to your next batch of sweet galettes using one of our professional crepe makers. The high powered cast iron heating plates allow you to recreate this French favourite to your guests’ delight! Speaking of cast iron, how about our best-selling waffle makers. This is another great way to whip up a brand new ice cream invention. Forget cones, a hot fluffy waffle makes the perfect edible base for a freshly whipped ice-cream. You can even choose fun heart shaped waffles for the perfect romantic dessert. You must be getting hungry hearing about these delicious dessert options. Remember, at Expondo we also have a wide range of professional tools and industrial equipment for labs and schools Just make sure to leave room for dessert!