Popcorn maker

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Always a staple at cinemas and carnivals, popcorn has become a universally popular snack thanks to its addictive crunch and simple ingredients. Everybody loves to dip their hand into a big bowl or bag of popcorn and debate whether sweet or salty is best! Best eaten freshly popped and still warm, a popcorn maker is the perfect way to produce batches of this tasty treat. With a cool retro look, harking back to the golden age of cinema, and an optional matching trolley, this appliance will make any party, cinema lobby or big event really ‘pop’!

A popcorn maker that’s built to last

  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Caters for a large number of guests
  • Versatile application, wherever your venue or event
  • Create popcorn to your tastes

Unlike most cheaper, flimsy hot-air poppers, these popcorn machines are sturdy and designed to withstand the high demands of fun fairs, food trucks and other various mobile catering units. Pair a popcorn maker with a candyfloss maker, crepe griddle and milkshake machine for a fabulous snack station that’ll become a highlight of any event and put smiles on faces. Whether you’re a private individual or providing professional catering, a quality popcorn maker by the trusted manufacturer Royal Catering is the right choice. Weddings, birthday parties, country fairs, school events … any large gathering needs a lot of snacks for the guests, and popcorn is a fun option that all ages can enjoy! Scoop it into colourful paper bags or mix it up with sweets and nuts in pretty plastic pouches for an eye-catching crowd-puller. Because you control what is added, your popcorn can be as healthy or as decadent as you like!

Our popcorn makers are also ideal for pubs and bars, where popcorn makes a moreish and low-cost bar snack which you can take to the next level with creative seasonings and toppings – from piquant curry spices to salted caramel to a flurry of grated parmesan! Even restaurants benefit from having professional popcorn makers among their catering appliances, as it adds a modern touch and unique texture to both savoury and sweet dishes. Scatter it on top of ice cream or use it on a soup instead of croutons to give your guests a fresh twist on a tired classic!

For the best possible flavour, popped fresh

  • Produce a large amount in a small space of time
  • Sturdy popcorn units to complement your snack-making selection
  • Dazzle your guests
  • Stylish designs

These popcorn makers produce ‘kettle-style’ popcorn, where the corn is popped in a heated drum, for outstanding flavour and even popping. Just add a small amount of oil with a high smoke-point to create top-notch popcorn – up to 5 kilos per hour, meaning that you can produce one fresh portion every minute, helping you to keep up with that pre-film rush! Like all our food appliances, our professional tools, as well as our industrial equipment, these popcorn makers are both practical and safe, with a non-stick Teflon-coated drum and stainless steel build for robustness and easy cleaning.

The glass sides allow you to display the popcorn and prevent it from falling out during serving thanks to a safety barrier by the serving doors, which are wide enough to allow easy scooping. Each machine comes with a scoop and a measuring cup, and you can choose to include a wheeled stand or even upgrade to our expert model with a heated display rack for pre-filled bags. The automatic temperature control and useful light indicators (for temperature and on/off) help you keep an eye on each batch. A popcorn machine is a must-have for any cinema; an iconic treat which works perfectly as part of a ‘snack pack’ deal with other snacks like hot dogs, nachos, a cola or a hot drink. Beyond the cinema, popcorn is always a great fit, so bring that classic cinema style into any event or venue for irresistible, crunchy, fluffy fun – whether sweet or salty!