Laboratory Equipment

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Every professional knows that the first step of any product test, experiment or measurement requires an organised, controlled environment and precise, reliable equipment. Handling delicate materials carefully and protecting substances from contamination is vital and requires sterile devices. Our range of lab equipment from the experts at Steinberg Systems, Ulsonix, and Goldbrunn allows you to measure, examine and manipulate delicate substances in an accurate and controlled way, ensuring excellent results, accuarate measurement, and a safe working environment for your staff.

Professional lab equipment for laboratories, schools and testing facilities

- For factory testing, medical and educational use - Built to protect from contamination - Highly accurate - Test several samples at once - Easy to clean and sterilise - Precise control over temerature, speed, timings

All of the lab equipment in our wide range of industrial supplies is built to to a professional standard, and is suitable for scientific, medical and educational purposes – for tasks where accuracy and hygiene are the priority. We also offer a range of scales and other task-specific equipment such as melting furnaces and ulstrasonic cleaners that can be used in kitchens, dentist facilities, factories, craftshops and more. For examining minute quanitities of liquids in forensics, chemistry labs and pharmeceutical testing, our range of microcentrifuges allow you to test up to sixteen samples at once. Our high-speed microcentrifuges from our range of lab equipment range are built with an anti-contamination design, and feature adjustable speed and timer settings. To vacuum dry sensitive materials, look no further than our vaccuum drying oven from Goldbrunn, especially designed for research facilities, labs and factories. The oven offers highly accurate temperature control between 50 and 250 degrees C and provides 20 liters of drying space, and enables quick and gentle drying of heat and oxygen-sensitive materials. Like all our lab equipment, its robust, rounded surface can be easily cleaned to maintain hygiene standards. At Expondo, we understand that inaccurate results can lead to wasted produce, time and money. All of our lab equipment is designed to offer clear and accurate reading, with high quality LED display. Our versatile lab equipment range is not only ideal for professional tasks, but are also a great for educational purposes in schools and universities.

From Little to Large

- Ultrasonic cleaners to clean lab equipment - Ideal for jewellery and coins - Melting furncases for crafts - Wide range of scales - Built with sturdy materials - High capacity and precision

To maintain the best control and sterilisation during all tests and procedures, we have a range of ultrasonic cleaners from global lab equipment experts, Ulsonix. Our ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for sterylising medical utensils such as pliars, scalpals and tweezers. As well as keeping your lab equipment pristine, Ulsonix ultrasonc cleaners are also ideal for jewellers and antiques dealers for cleaning jewellery and coins. Another excellent addition to your craft supplies, particularly for jewellers, are our melting furnaces. With a choice of three capacities, our melting furnaces are designed for the melting of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper and are ideal for jewellers, craftsmen and collectors. Each of our melting furnaces is made with sturdy, heat-resistant graphite, reaches a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius and is sold with its own specially sized crucible tong. Finally, whether you’re investing in catering supplies for your kitchen or garage equipment, our wide range of scales will feature the perfect weighing device for you. Our table-top scales and precision scales are ideal for weighing precise quanities of ingredients in kitchens or substances in labs. For warehouses, retailers and delivery units, our parcel scales will weigh up to 300kg. And for weighing vehicle parts, livestock and construction equipment, our floor scales have a massive load capacity of up to 3 tonnes. Speaking of vehicles and heavy loads, don’t forget we also stock off-road winches which can be connected to almost all vehilce types – ideal for moving stalled vehicles and debris. From measuring the tiniest particles to shifting heavy loads, we’ve got you covered.