Cleaning Trolleys

Cleaning up is a daily task for every business, whether you work in food, health, hospitality or even in an office. It’s important to equip your staff with the best tools to get the job done quickly, safely and with sparkling results. Our cleaning trolleys, mop buckets and wet floor signs from the hygiene experts at Singercon are a great one-time investment for your business, offering you an efficient and easy-to-operate route to a sparkling sign. Clean up dirt, foot prints and hazardous spills in no time!

Smooth operating cleaning trolleys to keep your business clean

- Easy to operate - Hygienic two-bucket system - Very high capacity: up to 40 litres - Quiet rubberized wheels - Comfortable handling - Cut down on waste water

Here at Expondo, we know that no business is complete without a cleaning routine that operates like clockwork, especially if you work in food, education or health, where hygiene is of rigorous importance. Equip your cleaning staff with robust and easy-to-use cleaning trolley and wet-floor signs from Singercon, and see the difference in the shine! Our cleaning trolleys found in our range of hygiene supplies can be used in restaurants, kitchens and more, and are even suitable in wet environments such as pools, leisure centres and shower areas. They are also a great addition to your hotel equipment for B&Bs, resorts and hostels. Of course they’re also a great investment for cleaning companies working from one location to another. No matter where you work, it’s your responsibility to comply with modern hygiene standards to protect your guests and staff from the spread of bacteria and to keep your business gleaming. The Singercon cleaning trolley range is designed to help you clean as you mover with an easy-to-operate handle and silent rubberised plastic wheels. Cut down on cumbersome carrying by storing your cleaning supplies, mops, and buckets on one handy trolley. Our mopping cleaning trolleys feature spacious buckets with ample room for water supply (up to 40 L). The two-bucket system allows for fresh and used cleaning water are clearly separated from each other, cutting down on bacteria and meaning that your water supply goes further. The wringer attachments make for quick and effective drainage of your mop, cutting down on streaky marks on your freshly mopped floor. For added safety, the cleaning trolleys feature a stable frame to carry your bucket and other equipment, helping you to minimize hazardous spills. Speaking of hazards, we also stock a wide range of wet floor signs, available in sets of up to ten units.

More hygienic ways to furnish your business

- Choose stainless steel - Easy to clean - Smooth edges - Removable parts for cleaning - Hygienic drip trays - Efficient extractor fans

Hygiene and safety are a top priority across all of our product ranges, whether you’re shopping in our range of professional tools or our industrial supplies. For example, we select every device and gadget in our range of catering equipment to fit to modern food safety standards, with features such as easy drainage, removable parts for dishwasher cleaning, protective glass shields, and smooth, wipe-clean surface. That goes for our mixers, chopping devices, blenders and burger presses from the food experts at Royal Catering. Our range of commercial cooking devices is chosen for its hygiene and safety features, amongst others. These include drip trays, removable frying baskets, efficient extractor fans and stainless steel construction. Our range of stainless steel furniture featuring shelves, trolleys, tables and more, is resistant to scratches and dents and features smooth, rounded edges, keeping them wipe-clean throughout their long lifespan. Check out our most popular stainless steel cabinet with an impressive load capacity of up to 600kg. We also stock a selection of robust stainless steel rubbish bins from Bartscher, available in with wheels or without.