Welding machines

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Working with metals can be a tough task, and presents many challenges, from safety and accuracy, to the quality of results. Whether you work in construction, plumbing or craft, it’s important never to compromise in any of these areas. Our professional welders from trusted names like Stamos Germany offer a wide range of uses and never compromise in meeting professional standards. Lightweight, robust and east to use, you’ll see why they are a great investment for your home or business.

Accurate welding, indoors and out!

  • Robust welders to suit your needs
  • Suited to a variety of occasions and scenarios
  • Optimal durability and reliability
  • Essential tools for your welding requirements

Our welders can be used on a wide range of metal materials and across a wide range of industries. For professionals in welding, whether you have a welding workshop, school or are working on site, we’ve got plenty of powerful devices that will suit your needs. For constructors and automobile professionals, our welders can be used indoors or outdoors, on site or in the garage. For household repairs, such as broken pipes, they are a great investment for plumbers and home-users alike. And for craft professionals, sculptors, and furniture designers, they are a great addition to your craft supplies, giving you the agility to combine strength with style. Wherever you work, our powerful welders offer high-quality results thanks to their wide range of techniques. Our powerful TIG welders are ideal for working with aluminium materials, and feature a foot petal as standard, to control the welding current while you work. For a truly versatile investment, our powerful combined welder can be used as both a TIG welder for creating sturdy joints, and as a plasma cutter give you a clean and accurate cut through a wide range of metals. For working with brass, copper and stainless steel, our ultra strong MIG MAG welders reach a current of up to 250A. This flexible machine is also mounted on a wheeled, sturdy frame to make transport easy, especially when working on site or making house calls. Indoors or out, our welders make a powerful impression, even in challenging work conditions. Their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you maximum mobility and accuracy while you work.

Quality welding machines for a wide range of metals

  • Various amount of welders
  • Powerful units to achieve great results
  • Easy to use
  • Complement your welding equipment today!

For making fast, deep, and accurate incisions on a wide range of metals, check out our powerful plasma cutter, with a fully digital interface. For the highest accuracy, the digital signal processor monitors all parameters so that every welding operation performed exactly matches the values set. When it comes to the entire Expondo range, we prioritise safety above all else. With modern processors and intuitive control settings, our welders can be safely and intuitively operated, even with little welding experience. Anti-stick features and ventilation, prevents any danger of the electrode overheating. Housed in high quality, metal exteriors, these long-lasting devices bear minimum risk of breakage, giving you a long-lasting investment for your business. To pair with your choice of welder, take a look at our full range of welding accessories. We feature great value wheeled welding carts to transport your welding device, as well as long, flexible foot pedals to control your welding current at a distance and give you maximum mobility while you work. You’ll also find a wide range of heavy duty welding gloves that not only protect your hands while you work, but are lightweight to keep your movements agile and accurate. Speaking of safety, a high quality welding helmet is vital to every welding task. Minimise the risk of injury or loss of vision, and maximise your accuracy with one of our heavy-duty helmets with adaptable visors, designed to suit your welding conditions. Safety and efficiency are a priority, wherever you work. For more examples of safe and versatile equipment to make your business go further, check out our renowned range of catering equipment and our industrial equipment for factories and labs.