Garden Furniture

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Beautiful patio furniture

Gardens have been enjoying great popularity in all cultures of mankind for many centuries. Whereas in the past, they were mostly seen as areas for growing crops, gardens currently serve much more as places to relax and enjoy yourselves. Due to today's variety of beautiful garden and patio furniture, any garden can also be furnished and designed entirely according to your own ideas.

Our extensive range of garden pavilions includes everything you need for your dream garden: From elegant lounges and modern seating, attractive sun loungers and parasols, to high-quality pool and pond supplies. We offer a wide selection. Get inspired and create your own private outdoor paradise!

Garden furniture for the balcony

Not everyone has a landscaped garden or a spacious terrace. Especially in the modern urban landscape, numerous balconies characterize the streetscape. Even though balconies only offer a limited amount of space, these separate outdoor spaces can be designed just as lovingly as a garden and patio. With comfortable garden furniture for your balcony, you can create your own little oasis of well-being.

Balconies can be designed and used in many different ways: As a romantic spot with a bench, cushions and candles, an exotic vacation spot with a sun lounger, parasol and plants or a small party area with a barbecue, table and garden chairs – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to furnishing. Discover your perfect garden furniture for your balcony in our wide range!

Weatherproof patio furniture

Garden furniture does not only come in various colours, design styles and sizes, the materials differ as well: wood, metal, glass and plastic are just a few examples. Certain materials have a decisive advantage – they are weatherproof and can therefore remain in your garden, on your terrace or balcony all year round and in any weather situations.

Weatherproof garden furniture is not only a good choice because of its high weather resistance but also has a significantly longer service life. Furniture made of delicate materials can be damaged simply by exposure to rain or sun. Garden furniture that is used for storage, such as for your garden tools also benefits from weatherproof and robust materials!

Patio furniture a place where you can relax

What could be better than being able to unwind in your own home? Gardens, terraces and balconies are the perfect places where you can just switch off and leave the stresses of the world behind. With high-quality garden furniture, these special places can be designed not only according to your own taste, but also in an especially cosy and comfortable manner:

From shady garden gazebos to comfortable sun loungers, to splashing water features, there is a wide range of garden furnishings that contribute to a relaxing time. A few choice pieces of furniture will transform your home into a small, very private vacation paradise. In our wide selection of garden furniture, you are sure to find the right one for your garden, terrace and balcony! Remember also about garden composters.

Wooden garden furniture

The variety of garden furniture is also reflected in the design: whether stylish and modern, playful and romantic or classic and noble. In this regard, wooden garden furniture also has its own charm. They look natural, soft and warm to the touch and conjure up a cosy ambience. In addition, wooden furniture harmonizes especially well with any kind of decorations, plants and accessories.

Especially in the garden, on the terrace and balcony wooden furniture can come into its own. Because of the spatial openness of these places, as well as the proximity to plants and flowers, the natural material fits in perfectly. For those who love a natural look and want to integrate this flair into their own living space, wooden garden furniture is the optimal choice!

Garden furniture for children

Children love the freedom of nature and like to play in places where there is something to discover. A private garden is an ideal environment to provide children with a green space to play in. The little ones can also have fun on a balcony or terrace: With suitable garden furniture for children you can create a small and protected adventure paradise for your darlings:

In a sitting area with a table, your children can play board and card games. In a small pool on the lawn, they can splash around to their heart's content, and under the shady roof of a gazebo, even the youngest can enjoy the fresh air while enjoying their toys. High-quality garden and patio furniture provide real joy of life for young and old!

Which terrace furniture should I choose?

When choosing garden furniture, a few questions: may arise How much space do I actually have? Which theme appeals to me in terms of design? What is my budget? What style of design do I find appealing? What functions should the furniture perform? What materials do I like? The decision of which garden furniture to choose is always dependent on a wide variety of factors.

But one thing is certain: with our range of furnishings, you can transform any garden and balcony and terrace into a place of well-being – from a romantic spot with benches and a fire bowl to a small paradise with umbrellas and loungers to a convivial space for friends and family with a seating area, fire pit and drinks bar. Be creative!

The most popular garden furniture

High-quality furniture for the garden, terrace and balcony enjoys constant popularity. And rightly so, because an attractive interior not only brings a little luxury but also noticeably increases your quality of life. While colours, materials or design styles change depending on the current trends, some pieces of furniture are permanently among the most popular garden furniture:

Probably the best example of such a perennial favourite is the seating area – with chairs and garden tables, it is possible to dine with pleasure, socialize or relax and pursue a hobby. Garden gazebos are also most certainly welcome in your garden, as these shady spots offer just as many possibilities. Discover the most popular garden furniture of the season in our online store!

Buy garden furniture by invoice or payment in installments

Buying garden furniture today is easier than ever. Selected furniture is done conveniently and without time pressure via the online store. Once the shopping cart is filled with all the desired products, your payment can also be made conveniently. In addition to various payment systems, it is basically possible to pay either by invoice or by instalment.

Both payment methods have their own advantages: Invoices require a larger sum right away, but this also directly settles the amount in full. By paying in instalments, you carry the bill with you over a longer period of time, but the monthly amounts are much smaller and hardly burden your budget. In our modern online store, we provide both options for you to choose from!