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Jewellery, antique coins, surgical equipment … many items which have lots of small nooks and crannies are tough to clean with the traditional methods. For thorough, efficient and gentle cleaning, nothing beats an ultrasonic cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner is an essential commercial appliance for cleaning small and potentially fragile items – right down to the microscopic level. Like our vacuum drying ovens and other industrial equipment, these cleaners are trusted by businesses worldwide.


Thorough cleaning thanks to ultrasonic pulses

Ultrasonic cleaners use high-powered ultrasonic waves to remove dirt, oxidation and contaminations from the surface of an item with intense vibrations. These vibrations are so small, however, that the item being cleaned remains completely unharmed; like a high-tech electronic toothbrush, these cleaners simply pulse the dirt and grime away, simply leaving a shiny, clean surface. This is perfect for items such as antique jewellery, medals and coins that are vulnerable to more abrasive cleaning methods and have engravings or grooves which are tricky to clean. The ultrasonic cleaner provides such excellent results that it is also perfect for decontaminating sterile tools such as dental and surgical equipment, or even laboratory instruments. Fine mechanical components such as watch parts, electronics equipment, lenses and gun parts also benefit from the efficient and gentle ultrasonic cleaning provided by these high-end cleaners from trusted brand Ulsonix. Even restaurants can benefit from adding an ultrasonic cleaner to their array of professional catering equipment; the sonic pulses are excellent for cleaning mixer blades, piping bag nozzles, and all the other fiddly bits and pieces you use in your everyday catering operations. Where cleaning brushes, dishwashers and even rotary tool attachments cannot reach, one of these cleaners can power away all the impurities and microbes, leaving a hygienic finish.

Ultrasonic cleaners in different shapes and sizes

Expondo’s unrivalled catalogue of professional tools and appliances includes a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners with varying capacities to suit businesses and practices of all different kinds: from a 0.7 litre cleaner for small pieces of jewellery and mechanical components, to our largest ultrasonic cleaner with a 28-litre capacity for large items such as sports equipment or large laboratory utensils. An inner basket is always included, allowing you to easily place the items in the basket and lower them into the cleaning fluid without touching the dirty (and later, clean) items or getting your hands wet! The outer casing and inner container and basket are constructed from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that hygiene is maintained and that the cleaner keeps working at peak performance long-term by preventing corrosion or wear-and-tear. The temperature of the cleaning fluid can be observed and maintained thanks to the easy-to-use LED display on many models, and the high-powered vibrations are prevented from disturbing the other items on your counter thanks to insulating rubber feet. Like all our craft supplies and power tools, each ultrasonic cleaner is a high-powered appliance which has been engineered for robustness, effectiveness and efficiency, thanks to top-quality components and user-friendly controls. Many of the models we offer feature useful memory functions, automated cleaning cycles and degassing functions, such as our 3-litre degas pulse cleaner, perfect for more specialised applications.

Expondo prides itself on providing professional-quality cleaning equipment for a thorough, reliable clean. For cleaning and decontaminating small items, the ultrasonic cleaner cannot be beat – while our ozone generators are ideal for cleaning or sterilising whole rooms.