Vacuum Drying Ovens

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When precision is of the utmost importance, it is essential to have the right tools. Drying materials which are extremely heat-sensitive or vulnerable to oxygen can be a challenge; a vacuum drying oven is the solution. This drying device is specially designed for laboratories and other industries where accuracy and high-quality results make a huge difference.

For quick and gentle drying of fragile or sensitive items

The combination of gentle warmth and a vacuum helps to extract all the moisture from a substance without necessitating extreme heat or the circulation of air. This is ideal for drying materials which are sensitive to oxygen or would be damaged by heat or ventilation, such as microchips, solutions, pharmaceuticals or even craft items such as intricate plaster moulds. The vacuum inside the oven forces water or other volatile substances to vaporise at a much lower temperature and leave the substance, where these substances are then extracted from the chamber to prevent condensation. Oxidation is prevented and the consistent, low-heat drying method means that the substance dries evenly both inside and out, as the vacuum pulls moisture from even the deepest crevices.

Thanks to the simultaneous extraction of all vapours and gases, a vacuum drying oven also protects its users from exposure to any harmful substances that may be emitted. This allows for the safe and low-impact drying of many items such as sealants or lubricants, medical devices, organic materials such as plant extracts, and even food products (for example, when preparing them for chemical analysis). Crafters such as goldsmiths or ceramicists may also find a vacuum drying oven to be a useful tool for enamelling, clay art and more – and may even be familiar with Goldbrunn due to their quality furnaces. At expondo, we understand that laboratory equipment such as vacuum drying ovens, high-precision scales and ultrasonic cleaning equipment must be of the highest quality and produce reliable results every single time; this is why we work hard to carefully source only the best appliances from trustworthy, conscientious manufacturers.

Vacuum drying ovens for any lab or surgery

These vacuum drying ovens feature a powerful drying element with temperature controls ranging from 20°C to 250°C, and the larger model ranges up to 1450 Watts. The clear and accurate LED display means you can control the settings of the oven as you use it, ensuring just the right conditions required. Available in two sizes, these drying ovens offer either a 20 litre (our cheapest vacuum drying oven) or 50 litre (our most powerful drying oven) capacity, with large drying surfaces of either 47 x 59 x 46cm or 54 x 71 x 54.5cm. Intuitive to use, each vacuum drying oven features smooth and rounded surfaces on the interior for easy cleaning. The quality materials used in the construction ensure best possible functionality and a safe, strong structure, with hardened glass in the specially constructed doors for implosion and heat protection.

The in-built thermal overload protection provides an extra level of safety when using your vacuum drying oven. Our industrial equipment for laboratories and other high-accuracy work is all engineered for optimal safety, as we know that the substances you work with may be volatile or toxic. From our professional weighing scales to our most sophisticated catering equipment, we supply experts in their field with the tools and appliances they need for top results.