Commercial Food Warmers

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You can choose the most quality-sourced ingredients, master the art of every cooking technique, and greet every customer with care and attention. But when a hot dish is served lukewarm, your efforts can be quickly undone. In a busy kitchen, over a long buffet service, and especially when serving outdoors, temperature control can make or break an excellent dish. Our great value commercial food warmer range from expert names such as Royal Catering is designed to tackle just that!

Stainless steel food warmers for a coordinated kitchen!

• Ideal for restaurants, buffets, and food stalls• Fight temperature loss • Uphold health and safety standards • Suitable for hot food and drinks • High quality stainless steel

When it comes to coordinating your food-service, catering to the masses, and keeping large quantities of food up to temperature throughout, we’ve got the perfect addition to your professional catering supplies. From hot display units to bain marie and isothermal containers, a commercial food warmer is an essential piece of catering equipment for any professional kitchen, to keep food warm and ensure that hot dishes with different cooking times can all be served at once. Our glass and stainless steel hot plates are ideal for fighting temperature loss in those vital minutes before service, and our high-powered cup and plate warmers ensures that every defence is in place to keep food and drinks piping hot! For market stalls, food trucks and snack bars, keeping food hot while fighting the elements is essential, especially if you’re serving up hot food and drinks in the winter months. During long catering services such as weddings, carveries and breakfast buffets in hotels, a quality commercial food warmer ensures that large quantities are ready to serve, without loss of temperature, quality, or texture. Even home chefs will find our commercial food warmer range useful when hosting big parties and celebrations. To ensure long-lasting results for your business, our food warmers are made of hardwearing stainless steel, which is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean. In our full range of bain marie, you can choose between a wide selection of sizes to suit your kitchens needs. Featuring automatic heating control, steadily heat your GN containers with simmering water. A bain marie can be sued with meats, stews, vegetables and desserts, making it a versatile choice of commercial food warmer.

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For food trucks and street-food stalls, you’ll find a great selection of commercial food warmer choices in our full range market stall equipment. Choose from isothermal containers to keep hot dishes up to temperature, and drinks dispensers for hot water, coffee, mulled wine, and hot chocolate – perfect if you’re setting up shop at festive markets this year! Better still, our stainless-steel commercial food warmer range is lightweight, making transport, setup, and storage easy, as you move from site to site. Our full range of hotdog equipment features ingenious hotdog warmers to keep every sausage piping hot and packed with flavour while you serve your guests. This is the ideal commercial food warmer for breakfast buffets, fast food trucks, and diners alike. Speaking of diners and fast food, don’t forget we also stock a wide range of stainless steel equipment to produce the hottest fast food favourites in your kitchen. From deep fat fryers and contact grills, to our stainless steel hamburger presses, your guests will be delighted with every bite. At Expondo, we’ve got your kitchen covered when it comes to prep, cooking and service – including temperature control, of course. For the rest of your business and DIY needs, such as repairs, upgrades, and refurbishments, keep in mind our wide selection of versatile craft supplies and professional industrial equipment.