Commercial Cooking Equipment

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Commercial cooking equipment are more than just a Christmas gift for grandma – they are the way to make your life in the kitchen easier, cleaner and much less stressful! This is essential catering equipment. Our range of kitchen gadgets is trusted by both professional chefs and home cooks across Europe. With a selection of the right appliances, tasty meals can be created in even the smallest spaces and most unusual kitchens, from food trucks to funfairs!

Make cooking a breeze with the right commercial cooking equipment

  • High quality materials
  • Easy use and easy to clean
  • Particular durability
  • Special features to make life easier for you

Whether a gastro pub or a 60’s-style diner, a bistro or a hotel, the catering staff need to be able to create their dishes efficiently, hygienically and – most importantly – with maximum deliciousness! That’s why we source tough, hard-wearing commercial cooking equipment made with hygienic and easy-clean materials such as Teflon and high-grade stainless steel, to ensure that the clean-up is simple and stress-free. Our range of gadgets includes both all-purpose appliances which are useful for a wide range of different applications, such as our professional grills or our heated soup tureens, and more specialised equipment for experts and niche applications, such as our specially-designed pasta cookers, which are extremely useful in school canteens or fast-food restaurants. We know that many catering establishments such as snack bars and mobile food trucks have to cope with busy peak times (lunch, anyone?) and limited space, so we work hard to source commercial cooking equipment with a compact build and a small countertop footprint – but which nonetheless are tough and powerful enough to deal with even the busiest rush hours! Thanks to special features such as quick heating and multiple cooking surfaces, you can produce a high turnaround of tasty food without compromising on flavour. And with versatile appliances such as our extremely varied range of deep fat fryers, all manner of both savoury and sweet delicacies can be created using just one tool.

Sourced for quality, sold for a reasonable price

  • High quality found in various expondo equipment
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Use great units to create fantastic meals
  • Treat your customers!

Almost all of our commercial cooking equipment come in different models with different features to suit customers with varying budgets and needs. Just like our range of industrial equipment, we place great emphasis on sourcing products which are built to last; unlike the usual commercial cooking equipment which you might find on online marketplaces or in trendy boutiques, these are appliances which can withstand heavy use and are a truly reliable investment. We curate our catalogue of commercial cooking equipment carefully, providing products engineered and manufactured by quality brands like Royal Catering. Indeed, robust and hygienic equipment is our priority: for example our stainless steel furniture, from countertops to shelving units, is a real must-have in any professional kitchen, canteen or food processing plant – and looks so sleek, it is equally at home among the guests in any hyper-modern restaurant! And yet we don’t think of these products as power tools or sterile appliances – we know that they are used to create delicious, heart-warming, mouth-watering dishes, which is why we also ensure that each product boasts the right features to create the best flavour. Whether you are looking for a tasty brown crust on your steak or a juicy sous-vide salmon filet, our commercial cooking equipment are built to make it possible. Our commercial cooking equipment help you put a smile on people’s faces – whether in the canteen of a craftsmen’s workshop or in a gourmet burger bar - discover great cooking devices today with expondo!