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There are some kitchen traditions that truly stand the test of time, whether it’s the ancient art of smoking flavoursome cuts of meat and fish, or the globally loved art of stone-baking pizzas. Whether you’re roasting Sunday lunches or baking batches of fresh pastries, a kitchen is rarely complete without a commercial oven. Combining time-honoured cooking traditions with cutting edge materials and technology, our professional range from Royal Catering has something for every menu, from steamers to catering ovens.

Multipurpose kitchen classics

• Suitable for professional kitchens • Ideal for bakeries, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and caterers • LED display • Easy to clean commercial cooking units • Adjustable shelves

Our commercial oven range has something for every kitchen, from specialised pizza ovens for Italian restaurants to convection ovens for all your roasting needs in pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Bakeries will certainly make great use of our space-saving, multi-tiered range. And when it comes to specialised cooking techniques, we’ve got smokers, steamers and even slow-cookers. Our commercial ovens range is especially useful for caterers and market stall operators when preparing large batches of food in advance. Commercial ovens in our range of catering supplies are designed to professional specifications, with powerful heating elements, overheat protection, LED display, sturdy and easy-to-clean materials, and a range of adjustable shelving options to make the most of your kitchen space. After all, in cooking, multi-tasking is the name of the game! Traditional wood-fire ovens, may pack in exquisite flavour, but are far too large for most commercial kitchens. Our high-powered pizza ovens reach the super-hot temperatures needed to create an authentic Italian pizza base, with a sizzling topping. Choose from a range of sizes, allowing you to cook several pizzas at once. Our convection ovens are the ideal multipurpose commercial oven for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and caterers. Reaching temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, these are the ideal compact solution for baking and roasting, and also feature a convenient grill setting. Our ovens are built with easy-to-clean stainless steel and can be altered to suit the number of shelves you need.

Smoke, steam and slow-cook with commercial ovens

• Food smokers for meat, fish and cheese • Low temperature ovens for slow-cooked dishes • Combi steamers for healthy vegetables • Professional scales for weighing and pricing

To pack in delicate, nuanced flavours, our food smokers are a creative chef’s dream. From smoked meats and fish, to intense smoked cheeses, our food smokers featuring up to eight shelves, allow you to create an endless number of culinary delights. Why not add a little smoked fish to your next batch of seafood chowder, or wow your guests with a starter of home-smoked chorizo and olives? Another time-sensitive technique is the art of slow-cooking. Complement your commercial cooking unit with our low temperature oven from Bartscher as it allows you to take your time and build the perfect texture and moisture for dishes like slow-cooked lamb-shanks and vegetarian tagine. Another efficient commercial oven for everyday kitchen use is a combi steamer. Our combi steamers are ideal if you’re looking for a healthy and extremely space-saving way to steam vegetables for side-dishes and salads. Forget pots, pans, and boiling water. Our combi steamers will lock in every element of moisture and flavour, without fiddling with hobs. At Expondo, we understand that running a kitchen doesn’t stop with a three-course meal. There are plenty of prepping, cleaning, and maintenance tasks to be done behind the scenes. To keep your business running ship shape, check out our full selection of industrial supplies featuring a wide range of scales for weighing and pricing ingredients. And for all those pesky drainage tasks, we’ve got a wide range of drainage devices in our full selection of professional tools. The Expondo range has you covered, behind the scenes and front of house – treat yourself and buy a commercial heating unit today!