Luggage Rack

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For hotels, B&B’s, leisure centres and more, our luggage racks are a great piece of portable furniture that help you make the most of every inch of space and ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay. These foldable, ergonomic luggage racks are not only robust and easy to store, but they also look elegant and modern. Give your guests the best chance to make themselves at home during their stay. Read on to find out why they’re a great addition to your hotel equipment.

Choose an elegant luggage rack for hotel rooms and more

Here at Expondo, we know you want your guests to have. A comfortable and memorable stay! A luggage rack is an essential item in any hotel, B&B, cruise-ship, or hostel, and also very useful for changing rooms in sports and leisure facilities, or even just at home, for those of you who travel regularly. A luggage rack allows you to quickly mount your suitcase at a comfortable height while you pack, unpack or simply search for specific must-haves. Whether it’s sun cream or fresh socks, you want to keep all the essentials at hand. Made by the hospitality experts at Royal Catering, our luggage racks are made of high quality stainless steel ensuring that they’re robust and will last for a long time. As well as being able to withstand heavy loads of luggage (up to 50kg!), the luggage racks are surprisingly light-weight, making them very easy to carry and stow away. The foldable function also ensures that transport is made easy and means the luggage rack can be stored neatly under the bed, in the wardrobe or behind the door – out of the way until it’s time for use! The rubber feet ensure that your luggage rack won’t slip, keeping valuable items safe while your guest unpacks. Finally, with its elegant stainless steel construction, our luggage racks are not only easy to clean but will blend in seamlessly with modern or minimal interior design. As well as our elegant luggage racks, we’ve got lots more example of why stainless steel is a top choice for hotels, kitchens, homes, offices and more. Read on to find out more about our full range of stainless steel furniture.

Choose stainless steel for your home or business

• Easy to clean • Hardwearing • Ideal for sharp blades • Long lasting • Elegant • Safe and easy to install

For hotels and leisure centres you’ll find sturdy and elegant stainless steel pool ladders and hygiene supplies such as hand dryers and soap dispensers that will match your new luggage rack perfectly! And why not add the finishing touch to the hotel lobby with an electric shoe polisher housed in elegant steel? As well as hotels and leisure centres, stainless steel is a great choice for both homes and other businesses. In our range of catering and cooking supplies you’ll find everything from food displays and to milkshake blenders! The robust, sturdy material makes it a hygienic choice for kitchens and a great choice for sharp, long-lasting knives and blenders that get the job done in a flash. In our commercial cooking gadgets you’ll see it’s a common feature on our electric grills, industrial toasters, deep fat fryers and more. The smooth stainless steel makes them east to clean, use after use, even in greasy or steamy cooking environments. In our professional tools range you’ll find stainless steel bud trimmers, foot rest, stools and more. Even in our range of industrial equipment, you’ll find a wide range of commercial scales featuring easy to clean stainless steel surfaces and bases. Of course, no matter where you work, you need to store your tools, ingredients, stationary, and valuables. Look no further than our easy-to-install stainless steel cabinets! Whether you’re catering for wedding guests or transatlantic cruisers, or simply operating any kind of business, consider stainless steel for your next investment.