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All of the sports products you would need to start your own professional gym!

Trying to find the right strength training supplies and sport devices can feel a bit overwhelming when you first jump in. From professional boxing equipment and multi-purpose gym machines to simple pull-up bars. Pinpointing the right sports equipment that’s right for you is something that requires your serious attention. One thing you won’t have to worry about is finding the right brand because our equipment is provided by Gymrex, a name you can trust and depend on. So, figure out what your needs are and grab the best equipment for your workout regimen.

With great designs and durable materials, you’ll definitely want to use these on a daily basis.

- We’ve got the full range of strength training supplies and devices.

- There’s also plenty of endurance training devices if you’re not looking for muscle mass.

- It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a personal gym in your house or a full setup for others to use.

- All of the products were built for repeated use and won’t be needing a replacement anytime soon.

Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start working out more, or you’re just trying to fill-in-the-gaps of your home sports equipment; you’ll find what you need in our full online catalogue with all categories available to you. If you’re looking for something that will be a catch-all for you, then consider our multifunctional weight bench with weights for your personal home use. It’ll take up a little more sport space than our pull up bar with punch bag, but you’ll have the versatility to do many more exercises. If you’re looking for a more focused approach to sport, then have a look at our lat pull down machines – 120 kg. You’ll be able to concentrate on those lats far better than any of the other offerings. But if you’re looking to upgrade or open a gym in your hotel or wellness center, you should consider all our beauty equipment for the post-workout relaxation that your clients might want. And then there’s always the endless possibilities in our accessories for wellness that will get your creative juices flowing while you come up with new options for your sports customers.

Expanding our catalogue means more options for you to explore!

- Adding to our gym equipment selection is one of the many new areas we’re looking at.

- Same great quality and trust brands that you’ve come to expect from us.

- There are even fitness trampolines that are great for those who hate boring workouts!

- There’s enough options here to help you start small or go big with your workout plans.

As we continue to look for new products to offer our customers, you can expect to see even more sport equipment grace the pages of our site. This might seem odd to our oldest customers that found us through our full range of catering equipment, but it’s just the beginning! It’s not just sports, but any type of equipment that requires heavy-duty materials and great design will be able to be found right here. It doesn’t matter whether it’s all of our industrial equipment for the serious construction site workers or all of our professional tools that were made for both professional and craftsmen, alike. The sports offerings are no different and require the same attention to detail and quality that we give to all of our products. Even our fitness trampolines help you burn 300 calories per hour! The rest of our sports equipment will set you down the path of improving your health and overall wellness. So, find out which devices and machines will help you reach the goals you’re aiming for!