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Basketball Stand - height-adjustable - 230 to 305 cm

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Model: GR-BS14

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Key features
  • Height-adjustable—hoop position can be adjusted between 230 and 305 cm tall
  • Stable—base can be filled with sand or water for more stability
  • Weatherproof—resilient and durable materials such as steel pipe, acrylic, plastic and nylon
  • Portable—the basketball stand can be moved via the two built-in castors
  • Simple—assembly materials included for easy setup
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last year Posted on Expondo Italy

poor product

unfortunately after a month the weld on a basket hook came off, I asked for a replacement but they gave me a voucher of €50.00 with a minimum order of €200.00 now the welds continue to come off and I can't find any behavior at all professional and quality with a value of almost €400.00.

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Grazie per la sua opinione.

Il suo messaggio non solo ha contribuito a risolvere il problema, ma anche a migliorare continuamente il nostro servizio. Ora sappiamo come evitare l'errore in futuro.

Grazie, sapevamo di farcela insieme.

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last year Posted on Expondo Italy

good product

good product, the only flaw is that the arms of the basket, being tubular, are a little weak, I appreciated the timing of the assistance for a problem that was solved, I am satisfied

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Italy

quality product

good quality product, so far the basket is holding up, let's hope it's doing well.

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8 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

I love this game!

A stand bought for my son, placed next to the terrace made of cobblestones - when he wants to throw it or play with me, he finds it, and when autumn/winter comes, we hide it in the garage. It's really cool, but you have to be careful when hanging on the rings - even though the base is filled with water, if someone is heavy, they may fall over ;) Really cool equipment, worth the price, I recommend it!

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last year Posted on Amazon Germany

Solid construction, easy to handle, children love it

Alles shrugs

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last year Posted on Expondo Germany

First of all, it makes a very good, stable impression

No comment provided.

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Danke für Ihr positives und hilfreiches Feedback.


Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen. Bis bald und einen schönen Tag noch!

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3 years ago Posted on Expondo Italy

good value for money

It seems like an excellent basket to me, the only flaw is that the support arms of the basket, being tubular and not rectangular in profile, allow the bolts to loosen too easily. No danger, let's be clear, but at a certain point, you notice that both the basket on the backboard and the backboard on the arms begin to no longer be straight, so every now and then it is necessary to re-tighten all the bolts. for the rest, we've been playing with it for about twenty days and I'm largely satisfied

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8 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Not recommended

After a little over a year, the base became leaky and the basket tipped forward a lot. The ring was bent. I straightened the ring again and tried to seal the leaky area, about 25 cm long below the weld seam. Last late fall the basket was overturned again because water was leaking again. However, nothing could be repaired now. In the spring I wanted to order new parts but the service, the changing processes and the allocation of new ticket numbers, even though I was registered with the old number, still didn't work. We now reluctantly ordered a new one somewhere else, even though I wanted to order spare parts to save resources.

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