Drain Cleaning Tools

For the trickiest and toughest tasks, you need safe and sturdy equipment you can rely on. When it comes to unblocking drains, pipes and toilets, this is certainly the case. With a wide selection of tools from the experts at MSW for professional plumbers, cleaning and maintenance professionals, and even home-use, our range of drain cleaning tools will make an easy task out of even the toughest blockage.

A wide range of drain cleaning tools to tackle the even toughest blockage

Our selection of drain cleaning tools from the experts at MSW are designed for a wide range of plumbing and maintenance tasks, with expert devises designed for professional users and intuitive tools for home-use. Whether you’re investing for your business or your home, we’ve got the right tools for the job. Unblocking and clearing outdoor drains can be a tricky and extensive task, especially considering the hazards of working at great heights and in potentially unstable environments. You need a drainage device that is hard-wearing, flexible and easy to manoeuvre. Take the risk out extensive outdoor plumbing tasks with our full range of drain cleaning machines. Out of all of our drain cleaning tools, these are the ultimate professional’s choice. Housed in compact, hardwearing casings, our drain cleaning machines are lightweight and easy to transport, making it much safer to work at a height. These flexible drain cleaning tools are fully electronic, powered with up to 1,100 watts. Choose the cleaning pipe that’s right for you, with lengths of up to 18.6 m. All of our motorised drain cleaning devices are designed to be used with a choice of drills (sold separately or together), helping you to tackle chemical residue, sewage and waste build-up, and grease, as well as retrieval drills to safely remove broken drill bits or other solid objects. Discover the full range of drills, cutters and augers here, to optimise each plumbing task. Finally, in our range of electrical drain cleaning tools, we also feature our range of plumbing snake cables, to help your machine go further. All of our drain cleaning tools are environmentally friendly, eliminating the need to use harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Another handy option in our range of drain cleaning tools, is our manual drain cleaner, which can be easily transported and used without the need for electricity. Tackle a wide range of blockages such as toilets, sinks, garden hoses, and bathtub pipes. Easily operated by professionals and home-users alike, the manual drainer is powered by the ergonomic handheld crank. This generates a cleaning force by rotating the spiral head at your chosen speed. The plumbing snake is designed to fit all manner of conventional drain pipes. In this section, we also feature two models of manual plumbing snakes, to manually remove and unclog waste from deep within the drainage system. Another handheld option in our range of drain cleaning tools is our manual drain pumps. Unclog tubs, sinks, toilets and more using the power of water pressure. The upper handle of the pipe cleaning pump is pulled so that the pipe is filled with water and then moved in the opposite direction. The resulting high water pressure dissolves even stubborn blockages in drains or pipes. You can choose from a number of sized models, which can be further adjusted using the rubber adapters, to suit the task at hand. At Expondo, we cater for a wide range of industry and business sectors, with a mission to help your business go further, whether you’re a large company or an entrepreneur and we are proud to be one of the leading online retailers in kitchen and catering supplies. For more examples of safe, efficient and effective tools at great prices, check our full range of craft supplies and our industrial equipment.