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It’s one thing keeping tools, utensils and handheld machinery looking spick and span, but what about the big things like cars, patios, signage, and outdoor furniture? No more wasting man-hours and on manual washing. Our high pressure washers from the gardening experts at Hilvert give you the power to get big outdoor cleaning jobs done fast and effectively. Perfect for a wide range of vehicles, garden areas, and outdoor dining spots, this portable hand-held washer not only gives you excellent water pressure but is highly manoeuvrable to help you to clean those high or awkward spots. Save time on your cleaning tasks today!


Get the ultimate clean with high pressure washers

• Outdoor cleaning jobs • Vehicles, furniture, patios, walls • Remove tough dirt, quickly • Save time • Various nozzles included • Lightweight and flexible

New to our range of gardening supplies, our high pressure washers are one of the most versatile cleaning devices you can find, especially if you work outdoors. For garages and car dealerships, it’s a fast and flexible way to give that glistening shine back to cars, vans, motorbikes, trailers, and even boats – a great addition to your garage tools. For farmers working in muddy and wet areas, the high pressure washer will make quick work of hosing down tractors, harvesters and even barns and sheds. Gardeners and landscapers will certainly appreciate our high pressure washer for cleaning patios, pathways and walls. And if you’re serving guests outdoors in a café, bar, or beach club, you can keep patios, garden furniture, and even parasols looking brand new. For professional caterer, you could even use the high pressure washer to clean one of our weatherproof catering tents! Despite its high power, the highly efficient high pressure washers is surprisingly quiet in action, so you needn’t disturb the neighbours or sleeping guests. The high wattage motor creates considerable pressure, to even removing tough mud can be done in a matter of minutes. Portable and lightweight with a long, flexible chord, you needn’t worry about straining yourself during use. And with a wide variety of nozzles to choose from, you can select the right pressure for cleaning cars, patios and more. Like all of our professional tools, the high pressure washers are made from strong, sturdy components, so this investment will give you years of use!

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We’ve got a wide range of gardening and outdoor maintenance equipment to suit professional gardeners, home-users, community gardens, and any business with their own patch of outdoor space. For breaking down weeds and excess foliage during a big clean up, you can make quick work for yourself with our bud trimmers from Hivert. Quickly process brambles, branches and buds, without risking any scratches or grazes. The simple manual operation, makes it safe and easy to operate even for beginner gardeners. For weighing loads of gravel, paving, and other gardening supplies, check out the wide selection of scales from our range of industrial supplies. For those of you tackling pesky weeks, why not check out our thermal weeder from MSW. This handy device allows you to effortlessly remove annoying weeds and minimise the risk of regrowth. With its extremely high temperature of 650 ℃, the thermal weeder burns deep into the root of the weed, eradicating it entirely. Best of all, it cuts out the use of harsh chemicals! No more tiresome bending and scrubbing. Finally, for home-owners and culinary professionals alike, no outdoor dining area is complete without a good old fashioned barbeque. And when outdoor cooking isn’t possible, there’s always our best selling contact grills for an authentic outdoor BBQ feel. Select your favourite model from our catering range today!