Infrared Heaters

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When working in a kitchen, temperature loss is no joke! When you’ve put hours into perfecting your menu and cooking each dish to perfection, you don’t want to lose the race in the last lap. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fight temperature loss in the kitchen without compromising on taste or texture, including an infrared heater from the food experts at Bartscher. Featured in our full range of heating equipment, these heaters are specifically designed to keep hot dishes warm before serving, not only ensuring the quality of every dish you produce, but buying you precious minutes in the kitchen to finish additional dishes and sides.

Choose an infrared heater: A powerful heating system to keep foods warm

• Keep plated dishes warm • Better time management in the kitchen • Uphold health and safety standards • Easy to clean • Mounted legs sold separately • Hardwearing and lightweight

In a professional kitchen, time is your best friend and your enemy. Managed with perfection, it can give the perfect rise to your soufflé or a glistening finish to glazed ham. Unfortunately, it’s also a chef’s duty to fight the clock – making sure that dishes come out in a timely manner, that nothing is allowed to burn, and that dishes aren’t sitting around to get cold. With a lightweight infrared heater from our full range of catering supplies, keeping dishes warm is no longer a challenge. Powered with 110KW, this high powered infrared heater is specifically designed to keep plated food warm without drying out or losing flavour. Not only does this mean that your food is served piping hot and packed with flavour, it also provides you with precious moments of extra time to finish plating other meals, and co-ordinate your service down to the second, benefitting not only your chefs but your serving staff as well. Of course, maintaining temperature control will also help you to fight the spread of bacteria, ensuring the safety of your food and making sure your restaurant is upholding safety standards. The Bartscher infrared heater is suitable across all commercial kitchens such as restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks and bakeries. To install into any serving space, the high-powered infrared heater can be fixed permanently or mounted on four sturdy legs (sold separately). Built with hardwearing materials such as stainless steel, chrome and nickel, the hygienic infrared heater is sturdy, easy to clean and remarkably lightweight (5kg), making it easy to transport.

Hot or cold, keep it controlled

• Temperature control equipment • Globally trusted brands • Insulated isothermal containers • Compact food warming trays • Hygienic buffet displays • Commercial fridges for display and storage

In a professional kitchen, temperature control is important, every minute of the day. That means fast-acting cooking equipment, efficient display furniture, and quality refrigeration. At Expondo, we trust the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher to tackle just such challenges. To lock in temperature during transport or storage our isothermal containers are built with highly insulated, double walled stainless steel and fitted with secure clasps. Ideal for caterers on the go, you can choose from a wide range of capacities up to 35L. For an easy-to-use solution to keeping plates warm in the minutes before service, you could also investigate our food warming trays. These are easy to install and use in any kitchen space – simply plug in and go! For room-temperature foods such as breads and pastries, our range of buffet display cases will show off every dish in style while protecting them from potential airborne contaminants. For those of you who battle the elements outdoors at markets and funfairs, our range of market equipment features plenty of ingenious devices from popcorn machines to crepe makers. Of course, when we talk about temperature control, it’s equally important to invest in high quality fridges and freezers. In our full range of commercial fridges, you’ll find excellent cooling units for both the kitchen and front-of-house. Hot or cold, make sure you’re keeping tabs on temperature control in your kitchen. For all your business needs, outside of the kitchen, remember that we also stock a wide range of industrial equipment and professional tools featuring draining supplies and power tools.