Commercial Refrigeration

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There are dozens of ways to store, preserve, and display food in our range of refrigeration equipment for kitchens large, small, and even on the go. With a wide selection of sizes and functions to choose from, we trust expert names such as Royal Catering and Bartscher when it comes to keeping food, drinks, and frozen ingredients stored at the right temperature. Wherever you serve your guest, you can rest assured that your food will stay fresher for longer. Check out the cooling solutions from our full range of catering equipment, below!

Our refrigeration equipment to cool, store and display your food

Our professional refrigeration equipment is suitable across a wide range of commercial and private. For busy restaurants, pubs, food-trucks and caterers on the go, we’ve got cooling storage solutions to meet your needs. Refrigeration is not just about storage. From freezing and preserving foods, to displaying, organising and protecting food from bacteria, you need refrigeration equipment you can rely on! Every unit feature in our range of refrigeration equipment if designed to balance efficient power with optimal use of space, giving you great return on investment. Our countertop fridges, designed to grab your customers’ attention, are the perfect way to add an element of spectacle to your food display while ensuring quality control. Completed with hardwearing, easy-to-clean protective glass, our countertop fridges are ideal for displaying salads, pizza toppings, cool desserts, and smoothie ingredients. When it comes to effective refrigeration equipment for your kitchen, the best solutions offer a balance of storage and workspace. Our pizza cooling tables do just that and more! Choose from a wide range of capacities, up to 485 litres of refrigerated storage space and up to three separate cooling compartments. Our pizza cooling tables are each topped with a high-grade, easy-to-clean stainless steel or granite worktop, offering you plenty of space to work, with additional models featuring GN containers and a protected glass display.

Keeping it cool

• All kitchen types: Restaurants, bars, food-trucks • Sturdy materials • Easy cleaning materials (stainless steel and glass) • Temperature control (-22 to 18 degrees C) • Automatic defrosting • Adjustable heights

Next in our range of energy efficient refrigeration equipment, are our commercial fridges from Bartscher. These free-standing, lockable fridges come in two sizes and ideal for storing ingredients safely in your kitchen. Each model is highly insulated thanks to its polyurethane seal and features an automatic defrost setting. These commercial fridges are energy efficient with temperatures ranging from -2 to 8 degrees C. When it comes to serving juices, sodas and alcoholic drinks, you want each beverage to be as refreshing as the last. Our convenient drinks fridges for pubs, cafes, restaurants, and shops, are the perfect balance of storage, refrigeration, display, and easy access. Whether you are serving from behind a counter or allowing your guests to help themselves, keep your mouth-watering beverages glistening and organised, ready to quench! When it comes to serving cold drinks, you could also investigate our range of drinks fountains, for use with juices, cordials, and more. Featuring an ergonomic tap and removable spill tray, these drinks fountains not only look great, but are easy to use for both your staff and your guests! After all, we enjoy a little spectacle now and then. For more fun serving solutions for everything from street-food stalls to parties, look no further than our full range of market needs equipment featuring popcorn machines, candy-floss makers, and cocktail mixers! No-matter where you work, Expondo is always on the lookout for the best catering solutions, the most hardwearing craft supplies and the most efficient industrial equipment to make your business go further.