Countertop Fridges

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No matter how long you spend perfecting your menu, nothing grabs your customers’ attention quite like a great fresh food display. Modern diners are very clued up when it comes to fresh, quality ingredients and they like nothing more than seeing their dishes prepared before their very eyes. With countertop fridges from the Royal Catering range, you can give every service an element of spectacle while ensuring quality temperature control.

The element of spectacle!

Our countertop fridges are at home in most commercial kitchens, from pizzerias and delis to ice-cream parlours. Whether it’s freshly prepped sandwiches or chocolate chip sundaes, why list out your entire menu when you can let the food do the talking? Customers with a keen eye for healthy snacks and lunches will certainly appreciate seeing their food being lovingly picked out and prepared at smoothie bars and salad counters. Our countertop fridges are even at home in butcheries for keeping every cut looking glistening and fresh. But our countertop fridges are not just for the element of spectacle. They can help you make the most of your workspace, create an efficient food-prep area, and maintain global hygiene standards. Our cheapest countertop fridge is ideal for smaller cafes, with space for six GN containers. For larger kitchens, our sizes of up to nine GN containers are the ideal addition to your catering equipment. Temperature control is a vital part of every kitchen’s hygiene regime. With a temperature range of 0 to 10 degrees Celcius, our countertop fridges are ideal for both fresh and frozen ingredients, and can save you needlessly carrying goods from one area to another, and exposing them to changes in temperature. When choosing new catering or craft supplies, intuition is always a factor. The clear LED display means that temperature can be easily monitored, and, with an automatic defrosting system, the display unit requires very little maintenance. Cleaning our countertop fridges is easy with their removable stainless steel GN containers and a wipe-clean glass cover which also protects your food from bacteria (and curious customers!) throughout service.

Eat with your eyes!

The art of food display is all about putting fresh food and drinks at your customers’ fingertips without compromising on taste. Let your customers choose with their eyes with our range of convenient display fridges, ideal for cold drinks and prepared sandwiches and cakes. Our smaller units are ideal for food trucks and market stalls, while the larger models will be right at home in cafes and fast food outlets; any restaurant where self-service is the name of the game! Our convenient drinks fountains are also perfect for any self-service buffet, especially for displaying colourful juices at hotel breakfast bars. When it comes to food display, the temperature certainly goes both ways! For keeping hot food looking and tasting fresh and warm, our range of heating equipment has some great options for displaying hot food and drinks, including our self-service hot chocolate dispensers. For a true example of food spectacle, why not whip up some personalised pancakes in front of their eyes with our fantastic crepe makers? For the ultimate dessert and ice-cream service, it makes the perfect partner to our countertop fridges. Even away from your customers’ hungry eyes, when it comes to buying new culinary and industrial equipment, we know that saving space is always a factor. In our full range of commercial fridges, you’ll spot our cooling tables which offer an efficient combination of cooling storage space below with a convenient workspace above. For more ideas on how to maximise on workspace and add some spectacle to your service, check out our full online Expondo catalogue with catering, craft and industrial equipment.