Serving Trolleys

When it comes to food service, it’s not just about what’s on the plate: every little detail matters. Even after your food has left the kitchen, there are countless ways to make an impression on your customers. Whether you’re dishing out afternoon tea and cakes or catering opulent wedding parties, with quality serving trolleys you can display your dishes to their full potential and give your serving staff the professional catering equipment they need for a professional and efficient service.

Master the art of elegant and speedy service with our range of serving trolleys

From small cafes and bakeries, to sprawling restaurants and canteens, our range of serving trolleys can add an elegant touch to your service. And for budding home chefs and B&B’s, our diverse range of quality serving trolleys add a professional touch when serving guests and hosting private parties. Our cheapest serving trolley with 2 trays is ideal for smaller displays of drinks, cakes and appetisers. With two tiers and a loading capacity of 320kg, you can insure the safe and swift transport of food, even in compact dining spaces. You can choose up to 3, 4 and 5 trays within the Royal Catering range.

For larger dining spaces such as hotels, our serving trolley with 5 trays features a loading capacity of 480kg: to maximise space, save time, and reduce the hazard of running back and forth to the kitchen. After all, you don’t want your serving staff to start breaking a sweat! For an even more diverse serving option, our serving trolley with 2 trays and 1 container allows for a combination of display and storage. The stainless steel container shelf with raised edges allows you to stack utensils such as cutlery, napkins and salt shakers without the risk of tipping. It’s also ideal for efficiently clearing tables without the risk of clutter or spillage. With a diverse range of uses, our serving trolleys are the ideal companion, even after service is over, aiding with all house-keeping tasks (clearing dishes, towels and table-cloths etc.) that arise after a busy service.

Service with a smile…

Our range of service trolleys will stand the test of time, meal after meal. Like all of our stainless steel furniture, their durable material makes them resistant against dents, scrapes and general wear and tear. Each of our service trolleys comes with sturdy 3cm trays as standard. The polished steel finish also makes them easy to clean, helping you to uphold industry standards and make a gleaming first impression on your guests. With four lightweight rubber wheels that rotate at 360 degrees, our serving trolleys are easy and safe manoeuvre quietly, even under a heavy load. For additional safety and noise-reduction, each trolley is fitted with anti-shock insulation and a manual parking brake. These standards apply across all of our different types of stainless steel trolleys, whether you’re transporting food, bedding or laundry. For hot dishes, our hot food displays feature a range of stylish stainless steel solutions for deli counters and snack bars.

And all our funfair/market needs equipment allow the perfect balance of quality cooking with eye-catching spectacle. After all, there’s no point in serving up hot dogs or candy-floss without a little ‘wow-factor’! For more ideas on how to upgrade your service and your serving space, take a look at our full range of industrial equipment and also craft supplies. They say a great meal can be made or broken by the quality of service. It’s one thing to whip up delicious snacks and decadent dishes in the kitchen, but with quality serving trolleys, you can ensure the highest professional standards outside of the kitchen too.