Chicken Pluckers

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Poultry plucking machine for industrial use

Poultry plucking machines are ideal helpers when economic thinking plays a role in the processing of your poultry. With the sophisticated models that are now available from quality manufacturers, a plucking machine will save you a lot of time and, thereby, costs. Before buying a plucking machine, you should think about the capacity you need in your poultry farm or hobby farm. There are small models that pluck a single quail or a small chicken per minute in our range, as well as powerful devices that can process several 100 kg of poultry per hour.

Pure chicken plucking machines are designed exclusively for plucking chickens. However, there are also models that can be used for plucking geese and ducks. Plucking machines for ducks and plucking machines for geese can also pluck heavy poultry with high individual weights. Plucking machines for poultry are technically advanced tools for poultry processing, of which there are different versions in our online selection.

Considering the effort involved, it is not very attractive to build a plucking machine yourself. If you decide to build a plucking machine yourself, you may also have difficulties with insurance coverage in the event of an accident. If you are considering a used plucking machine, you should bear in mind that in the event of a defect, you can only expect limited or no warranty service. Therefore, the purchase of a used poultry plucking machine is always associated with a certain risk.

Poultry plucking machines

So-called wet plucking machines are particularly popular among poultry farmers. This type of poultry plucking machine consists of a stainless-steel drum, the best material for durability and hygiene of high-quality equipment. In the interior of the chicken plucker are rubber fingers of different lengths. When the machine is turned on, the feathers of the poultry are caught by the rubber fingers and plucked. Plucking machines for geese, for ducks and for chickens work according to the same principle. Some of the particularly powerful devices can pluck poultry with a maximum weight of 20 kg per animal. Plucking machines with 80 cm diameter are typical in this power class.

Depending on the capacity, the drum of a plucking machine for poultry is loaded with a single chicken, duck or goose. Powerful plucking machines can be loaded with up to 20 poultry per plucking operation. Such a plucking machine for poultry processes several hundred chickens per hour.

An important aspect of wet plucking machines for poultry is watering. Some practical models have automatic irrigation. If you want to buy a plucking machine at a particularly low price, a model with manual watering can also be of interest. The water not only ensures that the plucking process is carried out carefully but also flushes the feathers out of the plucking machine during the plucking process.

Plucking machines and scalding kettles for poultry

Plucking machines with a boiler are characterized by their compact design and higher functionality. Before plucking the poultry, put it in the kettle. By placing them in hot water, the feathers can be removed more easily in the plucking machine. For chickens, temperatures of 60 to 65 °C are recommended. Set the desired brewing temperature before plucking poultry, depending on the size of the poultry.

Plucking machines for geese and ducks

Plucking machines for geese and ducks are basically no different from plucking machines for other poultry such as chickens. However, poultry pluckers for larger species have a correspondingly sturdier construction and a large drum. If you choose a plucking machine with a kettle, it is important to make sure that the kettle is sufficiently large and has a powerful heater.

Atomization – electric chicken plucker will save you time

Plucking poultry by hand is a laborious affair and, in commercial poultry farming, involves a high level of manpower and correspondingly high costs. If cost is an important factor in plucking your poultry, investing in a plucking machine will pay for itself over time.

When choosing the appropriate plucking machine for chickens and other poultry drum size and capacity are particularly important. Quality manufacturers such as Wiesenfield provide precise information on the range of applications and performance of their products, which you can use as a guide when purchasing a plucking machine.

An important aspect of a poultry plucking machine is hygiene. Models with an automatic water supply already flush the plucked feathers out of the machine during the plucking process. The cleaning of the device after plucking is carried out in less time with the automatic water supply. Another important point in terms of hygiene is the integrity of the poultry skin. Low-quality plucking machines may damage the poultry skin and dangerous germs may enter the poultry meat. The risk of serious infections can also be reduced by carefully scalding the poultry before plucking.

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