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The most used filing cabinets

Filing cabinets are not only practical and almost indispensable for the office or the home office – they can also be chic. The days of filing cabinets in boring grey and clunky metal are long gone. Today, cabinets are available in many different and sometimes very elegant designs and with many models that no one would suspect to be mere a accommodation for files and paper. Filing cabinets are always necessary. Even in digital times when data is stored in a cloud, there are still many documents that need to be kept in paper form. Modern filing cabinets impress mainly with their attractive appearance and creative and sophisticated interior, such as extra compartments, drawers and shelves, or entire cabinets specifically for file folders. As for the surfaces and materials, there is a wide range of choices – from natural wood, elegant metal, special coatings or even elegant glass, everything is available. Here at Expondo, you can find a variety of different filing cabinets of excellent quality. Why not get inspired by our great models right now?

Rolling cabinets

Filing cabinets have long seemed a bit old-fashioned, almost antiquated, in terms of their appearance. The typical box-like shape is what comes to everybody's mind. Filing cabinets have long felt to be oversized. A big change has definitely taken place here: today, the filing cabinet has come out of its dusty corner and is anything but boring – we longer want to forgo a sense of chic and elegance in our offices and writing rooms. Filing cabinets have transformed into beautifully designed pieces of furniture, with no limits to the imagination where looks and styles are concerned: whether simple, ultra-modern, playful-romantic, rustic, elegant or even vintage look. The best decision criterion here is certainly to choose according to what design fits your interior or simply what you like best. However, other features may include the exact purpose of your filing cabinet. At Expondo, you can find classic models, filing cabinets with sliding doors or roller shutters, with integrated drawers, specially designed for file folders, smaller roll containers or even lockable filing cabinets. Our station wagon models also have a lot going for them. These are, for

example, filing cabinets with a combination of open and closed elements, which look particularly attractive and are extremely practical. In addition to DIN A4 folders, there is also enough space for a wide range of other office accessories that need to be stored out of sight. Stylish accessories will look their best in open areas, which will then perfectly round off your office decoration. Combination solutions like furniture consisting of a filing cabinet or workplace equipment, are also extremely functional because they can be used in a very space-saving way.

Metal or wood filing cabinets which one should I choose?

At Expondo, we offer a wide variety of designs from which you can then choose your favourite at your leisure, or the filing cabinet that best suits your personal interior-design concept: Do you like wood optics, which immerse your room in a cosy ambience and have a natural flair? Metal is an often-used material for office cabinets, but at Expondo, you can find storage lockers which use metal in completely different ways to complement your furnishing concept. A design with elegant glass elements, on the other hand, will give your office or home office a chic vibe and can be combined with other interior designs. There is also a wide range of colours: filing cabinets and office furniture in pure white are suitable for rather dark rooms, but can also make large offices appear cool and elegant. If the study is bright and light, you can set contrasting accents with filing cabinets in darker colours. Playing with colours is an incentive for many designers. Here, too, the palette is wide: combinations of body and fronts in different shades is a look very popular with many customers. Expondo has exactly the right filing cabinet that meets your individual taste.

Filing cabinet with drawers that lock

Tax records or other important documents need to be stored for a longer period of time Other paper documents are perhaps not meant for everyone's eyes – for these and other purposes, lockable office cabinets are ideal. To play it even safer, there are also lockable filing cabinets available. There are a few different locking options: The classic variant is, of course, simply a model with doors. However, filing cabinets with sliding doors or roller shutters are more modern. You can find both in attractive designs here in the store. More caution is necessary when it comes to confidential documents. In this case, you should opt for a filing cabinet that you can lock. This gives you a safe feeling especially in open-plan offices or rooms where many people walk in and out. It is

also suitable for doctors' offices, so that patient files are always protected. Please always make sure to keep the key in a safe place as well, but never with the cabinet itself.

Office filing cabinets – outstanding quality and creative designs

Filing cabinets are absolutely indispensable and at the same time really chic. If you value beautiful design, high-quality material and first-class workmanship, you should quickly take a look at Expondo. Our wide selection of great filing cabinets in many different styles and looks will convince you. Your other office equipment can also be quickly taken care of – in our online store you can find the right furniture that can be combined with the attractive filing cabinets. Take a look at the category office tables. For designing and equipping your office or workplace in a style that is functional but also appealing, there are a variety of office chairs for transforming your desk into a real workplace. Why not take a look at our wide selection right now: Wall clocks, so you don't miss any important meetings, desk attachments for even more space or footrests for more comfort.

Advantages of our filing cabinets from Expondo

  • Files, folders & Co. always neatly stored

  • Important documents safely stored

  • Top quality materials and excellent workmanship

  • Easy to clean and robust

  • Chic design and a wide variety of finishes