Industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial upright vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners from expondo are used both in demanding households and in professional environments. Whether industrial vacuum cleaner without bag, ash vacuum cleaners or wet-dry vacuum cleaners: The high-quality cleaning equipment from our industrial supplies bring the appropriate performance for every challenge with simple operation. Find out here about types, operation and purchase criteria of professional vacuum cleaners!

Industrial vacuum cleaner for the home

In fact, industrial vacuum cleaners are basically similar in design to the classic vacuum cleaner found in every household: Here, as there, air and dirt are sucked in by negative pressure. However, the differences from the normal household vacuum cleaner are immediately noticeable as soon as the professional vacuum cleaner is switched on, because these can:

  • also pick up heavier or large dirt particles such as debris due to the higher power and a corresponding hose diameter,

  • with a long hose and easy-running rollers allow a greater working radius and

  • absorb more dirt thanks to a high capacity.

Some variants of industrial vacuum cleaners can additionally:

  • Absorb liquids,

  • Clean filter automatically or

  • efficiently blow leaves together with a blowing function.

The disadvantages, however, are the heavier dead weight and the higher purchase costs.

Industrial vacuum cleaner with bag

Industrial vacuum cleaners with or without bags are used in a wide variety of trades and industries and must meet the appropriate requirements. Depending on the area of application, they should remove light dirt such as dust just as thoroughly and without residue as workshop vacuum cleaners remove chips or construction site vacuum cleaners remove sand or debris. Even for organic substances such as food residues, for chemical or even explosive substances, there is a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner. Here is an overview of the different types of professional vacuum cleaners according to their field of application and mode of operation:

  1. Differentiation according to dust classes

Decisive, if you want to buy an industrial vacuum cleaner, is the dust class. It provides information about the harmfulness of the respective dust:

  • Class L: slightly hazardous dusts with a max. occupational exposure limit (OEL) > 1 mg/m³, e.g. house dust, earth, sand, gypsum or lime

  • Class M: moderately hazardous dusts with a max. occupational exposure limit (OEL) ≥ 0.1 mg/m³, e.g. wood and metal dusts or paint particles

  • Class H: highly hazardous dusts with a max. occupational exposure limit (OEL) ≥ 0.1 mg/m³, e.g. asbestos, mold spores or lead dust

Choosing the right dust class is crucial for compliance with safety standards and for optimal working conditions. If you are looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner for household use, the L class is a very good choice. This dust class is also often sufficient for construction sites, cleaning companies or renovation work.

When working with wood, concrete, cement, screed, copper or other metals, a medium health hazard is assumed. Here, a craftsman should choose vacuum cleaners class M.

As soon as hazardous substances such as asbestos or mold appear during work, a vacuum cleaner industry class H is the only choice. Only these can ensure dust-free and thus health-hazardous work with hazardous substances.

  1. Industrial vacuum cleaner with bag or without bag?

In addition to the basic classification into dust classes, vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuums can be divided into models with and without bags. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages - you can find both in our store.

Industrial vacuum cleaners bagless are somewhat more expensive to purchase, but there are no additional costs for dust bags. The suction power remains constant in these models, while in vacuum cleaners with a bag it decreases the fuller the bag is. A workshop vacuum cleaner without a bag is also usually somewhat lighter, but often louder than classic vacuum cleaners. Last but not least, dust can be stirred up when emptying them and cleaning is comparatively laborious,

Industrial vacuum cleaners with bags, on the other hand, are often cheaper to buy, but more expensive to maintain due to the regular purchase of the bags. However, the bags not only cause costs, but also additional waste; in return, however, they can be exchanged easily and dust-free - which is a great advantage especially for allergy sufferers. Another plus point of the construction site vacuum cleaner with bag is the comparatively low noise level.

  1. Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Whereas classic models only pick up dry dirt, some industrial vacuums can work wet. Wet-dry vacuums can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces thoroughly and quickly. This makes these vacuums ideal for use in trade and industry or for effective cleaning of office and business premises. But also the reliable removal of various liquids and even mud is possible with such a vacuum cleaner commercial and private.

At the same time, the purchase costs for a wet-dry vacuum cleaner do not differ significantly from a classic industrial vacuum cleaner. However, attention should be paid to the material of the dirt container. This should be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as plastic or stainless steel. In the store of expondo you can find both variants at reasonable prices and in different designs.

  1. Industrial handheld vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners with knockers or vacuum cleaners with automatic shakers always ensure an optimal filter condition and thus efficient cleaning. Industrial vacuum cleaners with automatic filter cleaning remove any dirt residues from the installed filter by regular tapping or shaking. For other models, the filter function can be activated manually. Whether automatic or manual: Following filter cleaning, work can be resumed with maximum suction power.

Industrial vacuums – necessary accessories

In addition to these basic classifications according to type and function, as well as the industrial vacuum cleaner price, it is above all the technical features that play an important role in the purchase decision. Here is the overview of the most important data:

  • Power: Industrial vacuum cleaners in particular should have good suction power and convince with values from 1,000 W to more than 3,000 W.

  • Tank material: Especially for wet-dry vacuums, the material should be robust and corrosion resistant.

  • Accessories: Are different nozzles or brushes included for my area of application?

  • Noise level - especially when used in care or educational facilities, as well as for professional office cleaning, a low noise level is an advantage. Here, industrial vacuum cleaners with bags are the best choice, as they usually work more quietly.

  • Mobility - Does the industrial vacuum have wheels and how long is the cord?

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With various types of industrial vacuum cleaners, expondo offers suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. In addition, in our store you will find a wide range of other cleaning equipment such as floor cleaning machines, cleaning trolleys or ultrasonic cleaners . Choose professional cleanliness - choose products from expondo!