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Magnetic whiteboard - an indispensable tool in every school, office or home

Whiteboards have become an indispensable part of offices and schools. But many private households now also have the practical whiteboards. Whether as a memo board for projects and weekly plans or as a magnetic pinboard and drawing surface for sketches - thanks to their numerous formats and the wide range of possible uses, whiteboards have become important as part of everyday working life like PCs, ergonomic office chairs and filing cabinets. Find out here how the practical helpers differ and what criteria you should use to select your whiteboard before buying.

The dry erase board - a perfect replacement for conventional chalkboards

A key difference between chalkboards and whiteboards is the use of pens as opposed to traditional chalk. While chalkboards certainly have their place in teaching institutions, whiteboards for the wall impress with their simple and easy-to-clean use: Apply a note with the Dry Erase pen, leave it there as long as necessary, and in no time at all simply wipe it off with a board eraser (usually a plastic or wooden block covered with felt) or with a dry cloth.

When writing and erasing notes, you can keep clean and dry hands. This is a great advantage, because it allows you to focus entirely on the essentials: capturing ideas and bullet points. In addition, the whiteboards with their white writing surface blend harmoniously into many work environments and can also be used as a projection surface for projectors, found in our wide range of office supplies.

Portable whiteboard - presentations made easy

Another important difference from the traditional chalkboard is the light weight of the whiteboards. Thanks to the processing of lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminum, the whiteboards can be easily transported and flexibly used in changing environments. This allows for creative work and collaborative brainstorming, whether you're traveling to events or just changing office spaces.

Magnetic whiteboard with a stand

Free-standing whiteboards on stands offer another alternative for mobile use. These are already mounted at a practical writing height and are used primarily in lofts or open-plan offices. In addition, they are suitable in offices with glass walls, to which it is difficult to attach objects. Hotels and smaller businesses also benefit from the easy-to-clean boards, because they can be used wonderfully as customer stoppers to catch the attention of customers and passers-by. After closing time, the lightweight racks can be collected again and stored safely.

Whiteboard on wheels

For models that are made of particularly robust and durable materials such as steel or glass due to their size or manufacturing, mounting on wheels is suitable. However, even lightweight models often have smooth-running casters on the stands to conveniently move the memo boards around a stage and conference room, or to transport them to other areas of offices and workshops. At expondo you will find whiteboards on wheels that you can fix in place for high stability using the parking brakes.

Choose the right size - small or large whiteboard?

From handy sizes to medium pinboard sizes to large whiteboards, there are plenty of sizes of whiteboards on the market. When choosing a suitable magnetic pinboard, the intended use and the place where the board will be placed play an important role.

For the home or work environments

For home use or use in smaller businesses, handy to medium-sized whiteboards for the wall with dimensions in the range of 90 x 60 cm are very suitable. These whiteboards blend harmoniously into the home environment as well as almost any modern additional office equipment and provide a good writing size for notes, drawings, weekly plans and much more.

For commercial use, for example in teaching institutes, hotels or workshops, expondo also offers larger formats in the 90 x 120 cm range. They are particularly suitable for presentations and meetings in a larger setting, because thanks to the spacious writing surface, colleagues in the back rows can also keep a good eye on the notes.

Choosing the right whiteboard

Simple whiteboards, on which you can write notes and remove them again with a felt eraser, are available today, as are magnetic whiteboards, to which you can attach info material, fabric samples, site plans and other items with commercially available board magnets. In our assortment you will also find models that include magnets as well as a tray for pens and a board eraser.

The mounting method also plays a role, or rather the format you would like to use. So when buying, make sure your whiteboard is oriented correctly and that brackets allow for vertical as well as horizontal mounting.

Multifunctional, mobile, and durable - the right office furniture for your needs

In the expondo store you can find numerous whiteboard models for commercial and private use. Choose from lightweight and affordable memo boards made of aluminum or sturdy variants made of steel. Our whiteboards on stands with casters are child's play to move to their destination. Thanks to adjustable feet, the boards stand securely even on uneven floors.

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