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Gardening is a universally love profession and hobby. But to create a beautiful space to grow plants, food, herbs, and of course, a space to relax, you need to carry out yearlong maintenance and care. Our range of gardening tools are ideal for both hobbyists and professionals working in all kinds of growing spaces. Ideal for flower gardens, herb gardens, pathways, parks, farming, landscaping and more, you’ll find excellent tools for tending to your land from trusted gardening names such as MSW and Hillvert.

Keep your garden neat and tidy with our professional gardening tools

- Long-lasting, just like your work - Ideal for home and professional use - Maintaining parks, gardens and farms - Bud trimmers in different sizes - High quality stainless steel - Ergonomic manual control

Any garden professional or hobbyist knows that green spaces require a lot of care and maintenance. Whether you’re tending to small patched of public space, your own flourishing garden, or designing open spaces from scratch, our range of gardening tools will help you with tasks such as trimming, weeding and mulching – even preparing herb cuttings for use in food preparation. Professionals and enthusiasts also know that gardening maintenance doesn’t happen once a year. It’s a yearlong job, which starts again when the seasons change. So, you need to know that your gardening tools will continue to give you great use, year in, year out. First up in our range of gardening tools, is our wide selection of bud trimmers. These are handy devices available in a wide range of sizes for trimming plants and shrubs, whether for further use or to fit neatly in your compost heap or bio bin. Now shredding and processing plants, weeds and herbs has never been easier work. Fitted with high quality stainless steel blades, use the ergonomic crank to manually control the pace at which you shred. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, depending on your workload allowing you to trim to different lengths of your choosing. The bud trimmers in our range of gardening tools are not only great for separating buds and leaves. They are also brilliant when processing herbs and plants to be use in aromatherapy, infused in oils for salads and dishes, and of course, creating scents for candles and perfumes.

More essentials for your garden

- High powered thermal weeder - Work in comfort - High temperatures of 650 degrees - Clear gardens, paths and public spaces - Kill weeds at the root - Environmentally friendly

Next up in our range of essential garden tools, is our thermal weeder, ideal for clearing not only gardens, but pathways, playgrounds, sports facilities, shrubberies and public flower boxes ¬– an excellent tool for home use or for those working in maintenance. The electric thermal weeder from MSW provides an environmentally friendly way to trim weeds and is extremely comfortable to use. No more bending down to pull weeds and scrub grout. The thermal weeder reaches an extremely high temperature of 650 ℃, burning away the excess vegetation for you and fighting against regrowth. There are more great professional tools for working in maintenance in our range of drainage devices. These are a great choice for clearing away not only indoor systems such as sinks and toilets, but also out door drains when clogs with leaves and other build-up. Remember, the Expondo range has something for every profession. In our full range of power tools, you’ll find great options for both professionals and DIY-enthusiasts, from sanders and burnishing machines, to heavy duty demolition hammers, welders and more. We also have a huge range of culinary supplies for catering facilities, cafes, hotels, cafeterias, and home kitchens. Finally, in our range of industrial equipment, you’ll find scales, ultrasonic cleaners, and melting furnaces.