Bud Trimmer

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Tired of cutting down all those dead branches and twigs when you’re doing all that lawn and yard work? Wish there was an easier and faster way to breakdown all the yard waste you go through season after season? Expondo has the solution to your problems. Bud trimmers are the tool you’re missing in your garage equipment lineup. For the gardening enthusiast to the professional gardening and yard work firms, our bud trimmers are great for their ease of use and ability to seriously cut down the time you spend cutting down waste to size before putting it in the compost or disposal.

Great bud trimmers for all your trimming needs

- For working with a huge variety of lawn materials. - Easy to use – don’t need to be a professional gardener to operate. - For the hobbyist as well as the professional. - Perfect for cutting, trimming and breaking down the big stuff.

A bud trimmer is going to be the perfect addition to your growing set of professional tools you’ve been acquiring. But now that you’ve got your power tools and a few of our great MSW brand tools in the workbench, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of gardening tools you’ll need to spruce up the lawn and help it compliment all of those home repairs you’ve been busy doing. A fantastic bud trimmer is going to be the first thing you need for clearing out all the weeds and twigs that have been piling up. Our models are able to handle everything from grass and leafy weeds to shrubs and branches. But we also have the necessary equipment for removing berries and buds from branches if you’ve got fruit and berries growing back there, as well! We also have the right bud trimmers for shredding different kinds of herbs like oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander, and parsley for the catering crowd that grows their own! Whatever it is you’re after, our variety of bud trimmers are safe and easy to use, and you won’t spend hours going over the user manual to get your device up and running.

Not just for the professionals!

- Great for those home improvements you’ve been meaning to get to. - Powerful yet completely safe for around the house. - Incredible value for the money and time saved. - An essential tool for fixing up the garden for the coming spring.

Whether or not you’ve got the garden up and running, or you’re trying to find a demolition hammer to knock out that decrepit patio that never got as much use now that the kids have moved out, getting a bud trimmer is going to help you start taking your lawn and yard work seriously. You don’t have to have extensive experience with industrial equipment to figure out that a lot of tools are going to make your life a lot easier. For example, there’s no way you’d ever get caught cleaning out the drain without checking out our drain cleaning tools, so why should your yard work be any different? If you want your yard and green spaces to be neat and tidy and show off the land, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right bud trimmer for the job. And there’s never a bad time to start planning for the upcoming gardening season. If you’re reading this in the dead of winter, you’ll be able to have this boxed up and put in the garage for a spring time Christmas present waiting to be unwrapped. And if you’re frantically trying to clear the yard at the end of autumn, you’ll be able to get this in time before the snow starts to fall. So make sure to pick up one of our bud trimmers and get started on that lawn!