Butchers equipment

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Whether you are serving up sizzling burgers, delicious gourmet steaks, or simply wrapping up prime cuts of meat for your customers to cook at home, our range of premium butchers equipment has something for every culinary professional. When working with meat, food professionals face a range of challenges from temperature control and storage, to safety and efficiency. From high-performance mincers and fast-acting grills, to spacious commercial fridges, we’ve got you covered, hot and cold. Even home-enthusiasts will be cooking up a storm with our diverse range from top culinary names such as Royal Catering.

Quality butchers equipment to help you slice, mince and cut with safety and ease

  • Versatile butchery tools to help your business
  • Hygienic units to meet rigorous hygienic standards
  • Simple usage to allow you to process meat efficiently
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing designs

Our range of butchers equipment will suit professional butchers, deli-owners, and fast food and traditional caterers alike, as well as those of you cooking at home. From grills, slicers, mincers, and burger presses, our high-quality butchers equipment makes light and efficient work for you and your staff, allowing you to take full control of each step of the cooking process. As with most food preparation, processing meats starts with a sturdy and hygienic work surface. Our range of stainless steel tables are top of the range when it comes to efficient work space. With an adjustable stand and optional shelving, they are not only ideal for preparing raw meats, but also act as an easy-access storage device to keep ingredients and other professinal culinary supplies at hand. When it comes to up-keeping hygiene and safety standards, working with meat comes with an endless list of precautions that every professional must take. Our robust stainless steel tables offer a wide range of space for you to work safely, with great visibility, at the height that suits you. They are also extremely easy to clean and sanitise, use after use. Once it’s processed, you can accurately weigh each portion of meat with one of our price-calculating scales. Storage, commercial fridges, and food displays are another vital additional to any professional range of butchers equipment. With temperatures of -2 to 8 degrees C, automatic defrost function, and water drip evaporation, our range of commercial fridges from Bartscher keeps food cool, fresh, and away from contamination. Each of our commercial fridges is housed in high quality stainless steel, adding a modern, minimal design to any kitchen or deli.

Cut out the middle man!

  • Use butcher tools at various places and events
  • Treat your customers to a wide range of dishes
  • A range of equipment to forward your business
  • Sturdy butchery units you can rely on
  • Great butchers equipment to complement pizzas and sandwiches

For restaurants, diners and food kiosks, burgers and hotdogs are a well-loved favourite. With our innovative meat grinder from Bartscher, you can impress your diners with home-made burger recipes (also ideal for other mince recipes such as lasagnes, koftas and more!). Blend up to 300kg an hour of meats, veggies, herbs and spices. Also found in our range of butchers equipment are our innovative burger presses. Take your home-made mince blend and shape it into freshly pressed burger patties, just seconds before grilling .That is freshness you can count on! No fast food menu is complete without a range of hotdog choices. However you serve them, achieve that prefect grilled finish with one of our powerful hotdog makers. We’ve got a range of roller grills and cylindrical grills to help you to prepare and serve dozens of dogs in a hurry, locking every ounce of flavour. We even stock devices with additional bun warmers! Finally, for cafes, butchers, delis and pizzerias, our range of high-performance food slicers are a safe and versatile device that take pain-staking time out of producing finely cut slices of meat. Prepare sliced meat for sandwiches, omelettes, pizzas, salads and more with our cheapest food slicer from Royal Catering. All of the cutting devices above in our range of butchers equipment are designed with non-slip feet, so you can work with safety, even on slippery surfaces. Remember, we are not only the experts when it comes to working in the kitchen. For your other business needs, don’t forget to check out our range of craft supplies and quality industrial equipment.