Meat Slicers

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The best way to show off quality produce is with professional presentation. And what better way to serve beautifully smoked cold meats or well-aged hard cheese, than in delicate and even slices that pack a whopping punch of flavour? Take time and effort out of the fiddly process of slicing ingredients with our range of industry-grade food slicers from the experts at Royal Catering.

However you slice it!

When it comes to the Expondo range of culinary equipment, craft supplies and tools, we aim to save you time and labour in your workspace while helping you to maintain the highest health and safety standards. The same applies to our food slicers. Ideal for butchers, meat suppliers, gourmet delis and restaurants, our food slicers offer the perfect balance of efficient, space-saving technology and give you years of return on investment. With a choice of slicing blades and adjustable slicing thickness (up to 15mm), our food slicers are surprisingly diverse, working perfectly with cold meats such as ham and turkey, as well as mature cheese and sausages. Our cheapest food slicer features a semi-automatic blade sharpener, so replacing your blade needn’t be a concern. And our expert food slicer, with its powerful motorised knife, is ideal for industrious kitchens with high production needs. Our food slicers are ergonomically designed allowing you to apply optimal pressure during use with minimal strain on the back and shoulders. The handles are finished in either hardened plastic or aluminium, both allowing for a comfortable grip without wearing down the material. As with all catering equipment, hygiene is a priority. Encased in anodised and polished aluminium, our food slicers house an efficient slicing system (120W - 280W) which can be easily cleaned and ensures that your food is processed in a controlled environment. Although large in capacity, our food slicers are built using lightweight materials (12 - 24kg), and in enabling the swift and easy slicing of ingredients, can actually save you space in the kitchen – particularly important in compact, busy workspaces.

Time to meat your maker

For restaurants, delis, and especially those who specialise in meat, staying a cut above the competition is a fiercer task than ever, with taste-buds becoming more diverse by the day and customers becoming more informed about quality meat and its origins. Many chefs are opting to prepare their own home-made products such as smoked joints, sausages, burgers and kebabs, to bring new and original flavours to their customers and to cut down on the additives found in mass-produced meat products. As well as our food slicers, there are many other devices in our full range of butchers equipment that will help you prepare original meat dishes from step one. Our sausage makers are ideal for creating your own original recipes, combining your choice of meat with delicious herbs, spices, and even finely diced fruit and veg. With a selection of capacities to choose from, you can also decide between the vertical model (ideal for smaller kitchens) and the horizontal model (more suited to preparing coarser meats and ingredients). For evenly finished sausage every time, our stainless steel sausage clippers are the perfect kitchen companion. And for preparing your very own burgers, pie fillings and minced kebabs, our full range of meat mincers features a range of manual and fully automated options that take the physical effort of producing dish after dish, giving you endless freedom to experiment with new recipe ideas. From kitchen supplies to industrial equipment, we select tools that save you time and effort. For more ideas, keep an eye on the latest additions to the Expondo range.