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Agricultural technology and supplies

The agricultural industry, in its many forms, is a particularly demanding field. Work on farms, in fields and in barns requires more than a little knowledge and skills. It also involves a great deal of physical strain. With professional agricultural supplies, farmers and hobby animal keepers will have a much easier time with this work.

Land cultivation with crops and the keeping and rearing of livestock produce certain crops and livestock products. In order to increase the profit of these agricultural products on the market, specialized agricultural technology and various small equipment can significantly optimize work processes.

In our extensive range of agricultural equipment you can find many products for the management of crops and animals: From spare parts and accessories for motorized agricultural equipment, to special production and gardening tools, to fully equipped animal stables and products for animal care – everything you need for your professional agricultural business!

Equipment for agriculture

Agricultural activities often require various machines, such as tractors, combines and narrow-track tractors. Due to the high stress of these agricultural machines, defects and wear can occur over time. With professional tractor equipment , these machines can be repaired and even technically and visually upgraded.

Hay also plays an important role in agriculture: as dried biomass, it is used both as feed and as fuel. During the summer harvest, it is important to dry the sensitive plant material quickly, press it free of any dust and store it safely. High-quality hay nets convince with stability and tear resistance and are the ideal helpers for the hay harvest.

Since agriculture involves working with a wide variety of raw materials and products, the transportation of these goods is also an important part of agricultural activity. For transporting various plant and animal products safely and securely to their destination, special trailer nets ensure optimal transport security!

Small agricultural equipment

In addition to large agricultural machinery, small agricultural equipment is also part of the optimal equipment of any farm: professional harvesters and trimmers ensure quick chopping and processing of plant parts. In the process, the individual components of the plants are cleanly separated and the desired end product is stored in a high-quality mobile collection container.

In fields and beds, modern gardening tools and systems for garden irrigation can facilitate and accelerate the work process. From a powerful tiller to effective weed burners, to spacious compost bins – these specialized tools have numerous benefits and valuable assistance in the physically demanding agricultural work.

But in the agricultural industry, there are not only field activities or work in animal stables, but also on the farm premises. Professional production equipment of all kinds, such as filling and labeling machines, optimize work processes – making them the ideal addition to your agricultural equipment!

Equipment for breeding chickens

One of the most popular breeding animals in the past and today is the chicken. Professional farmers, as well as hobby livestock farmers, operate chicken farms. Just one mating cock and three to six hens are enough to start small breeding. However, for the success of animal husbandry, in addition to selected animals, the right equipment for chicken breeding is crucial.

If the hens have been inseminated as intended, the hatching of the eggs will be on the agenda soon after. With specialized incubators , you can optimally monitor the development of chicken embryos. At the same time, integrated shear lamps ensure a constant internal temperature of the incubator. For this reason, incubators are the ideal basic equipment for any chicken farm.

Professional automatic feeders are another useful addition to any chicken coop: With their large capacity, particularly robust and weatherproof workmanship and continuous feed delivery, these automatic feeders guarantee hygienic and efficient feeding of all chickens. In our range, you can find many products to optimize your poultry farming!

Equipment for animal stables

The keeping and rearing of livestock – such as cattle, pigs, sheep, horses or small animals – is an important part in agriculture. Year-round barn operation holds numerous challenges. In order to create an optimal basis for any form of animal breeding, the selection of the right equipment for the animal stables is of fundamental importance.

Farm and breeding animals need above all a species-appropriate and nutrient-rich feed. With modern automatic feeders, daily feeding can be significantly optimized. In addition, professional pellet mills enable you to produce your own feed pellets. This gives you full control over the exact composition and therefore all vitamins and minerals of your pet food.

Safety and hygiene play an important role for livestock breeders and farmers: from suitable protective clothing to disinfectant solutions and pest control agents – adequate equipment is necessary. High-quality disinfection mats for animal husbandry effectively protect yourself and your animals from harmful microorganisms!

Beekeeping equipment

Beekeeping is a popular field in professional agriculture as well as among hobby breeders. When you harvest honey, you get a particularly valuable product, which is especially popular as a spread and a sweetener. High-quality beekeeping equipment creates the perfect basis for a successful honey harvest.

Except for the bee colony, the most important part of beekeeping is suitable housing, also called a hive. This can be set up with suitable middle walls. As soon as the first honey is harvested, you can use honey extractors to separate it from the combs and remove wax residues. After that, the fresh honey can be bottled and labelled.

Raising bee colonies also requires you to protect yourself from stings with appropriate protective clothing. Some tools are indispensable: From hive chisels to open capped combs, to smokers to expel bees before harvest, to bee brooms to sweep the combs. With our professional range of beekeeping equipment , you are perfectly prepared!

Animal care products

For farm and breeding animals in agriculture, species-appropriate grooming also plays a crucial role. Professional equipment and special animal care products help you maintain the health and beauty of your animal. Animals need to be protected from pests and diseases, and, moreover, charm with their well-groomed appearance.

High-quality products for fur care make your work easier: with grooming and brushing you free the fur from excess hair and coarse dirt. Selected animal shampoos clean the fur thoroughly and effectively. And with specialized scissors and razors, you can restore their fur.

Hooves and claws also need to be cared for: Robust hoof and claw knives ensure easy removal of any residue, while special claw scissors can be used for trimming. With professional oils and gels, you can permanently maintain the suppleness of any horn formations. Discover numerous animal care products for professionals in our store!