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Model: IN-96DDI

Egg Incubator - 96 Eggs - Incl. Egg Candler - Fully Automatic

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  • hatch up to 96 chicken eggs
  • incl. egg candler to illuminate the eggshell and a water disposal
  • integrated fan ensures an even interior temperature
  • cost-efficient thanks to the 150 W motor with a wide temperature range of 20-50 °C
  • for different types of poultry eggs (duck, goose or quail)


Egg Incubator - 96 Eggs - Incl. Egg Candler - Fully Automatic

If you want to incubate eggs, be them of duck, goose or quail, you are in the right place. You can handle this responsible task with the semi-automatic egg incubator IN-96DDI from Incubato. This breeder is ideal for commercial use. With this device you can hatch up to 96 chicken eggs, 264 quail eggs or 48 goose eggs at the same time. Other varieties such as quail eggs or goose eggs can also be incubated with the device. On the clear LED display, you can learn all the information you need. Data about the temperature, humidity, incubation day and egg turning time are all conveniently presented in one place, to make your work easier. Achieve a satisfactory slippage rate!