Essential industrial cleaning equipment for your business… or home

No matter what area you use cleaning equipment, whether in your home or office, they are extremely useful when it comes to professional cleaning. But they also do an excellent job in commercial use, making cleaning jobs much easier. And the beauty of it is that you can choose exactly the cleaning device that meets your personal cleaning requirements from a truly wide range. And of course, this also applies to the product range at Expondo: Are you looking for a special, electric device such as a steam cleaner for floors, upholstery, or larger areas in your company? Or you need a conventional, high-quality mop for home? You will find this and much more at Expondo. If you value thorough cleaning, cleanliness, and hygiene, you have come to the right place. And you can order your new cleaning equipment directly online.

Cleaning equipment for every purpose and need

In the household, in the company or in the commercial sector, there are countless requirements in terms of cleaning every day. And they could not be more different. For example, if your home is "only" to be thoroughly clean and comfortable, completely different equipment and utensils are used than if additional special hygienic requirements are to be considered or coarser contamination is involved. And this then refers not only to the cleaning equipment itself, but also to the cleaning agents to be used. That's why we at Expondo have paid attention to a large selection in all areas of cleaning - because as different as the individual demands on cleanliness and hygiene standards are, as diverse are the cleaning devices and their countless application possibilities. Browse through our range or go directly to your desired cleaning device via the product search - you will find a well-stocked selection in all categories. At Expondo, we have everything from vacuum cleaner bags to industrial vacuum cleaners without bags to various professional cleaning carts that the cleaning professional needs and, above all, makes the job easier. For special requirements, we also offer air filters, air purifiers , air humidifiers or dehumidifiers for a pleasant room climate or UV sterilizers , which can be used to remove viruses and bacteria from the surfaces of various objects. Ideally suited also for businesses that offer body-related services and that need to regularly clean the utensils used, such as in hairdressing salons or beauty salons.

Keep any surface looking its best with our floor and carpet cleaning tools

When you enter a house, office or store, your eyes often fall directly on the floor. And since, as with many things, first impressions count, it's important that it's well-groomed and clean. For a thorough cleaning of the floor offer different methods and therefore, of course, cleaning equipment. The classic mop or squeegee is the best choice for your home, as there is usually not too much or too frequent contamination within your own four walls. For business premises or commercial areas, however, you will certainly need more extensive cleaning equipment, such as special vacuums that can be used as combination devices for both wet and dry vacuuming. Why not look at our professional wet-dry vacuum cleaners right now? If the cleaning requirements are even higher or more difficult, our special floor scrubber machines such as scrubber-driers or rub-in machines are the right choice. Our pressure sprayers are ideally suited for disinfection measures. When it comes to accessories for our cleaning equipment and safety, we have also thought of everything: Order the "Slip hazard warning sign" with your next purchase.

Floor cleaning equipment

The larger the area that needs to be cleaned or if it is a company with multiple offices/floors, for example, the greater the effort required to get everything done. After all, it's not just about the surface area alone, but also about the various cleaning jobs that need to be done. Windows need to be cleaned, desks need to be wiped down, floors need to be cleaned or, in special cases, stubborn commercial dirt or industrial grime needs to be removed. In order not to have to fetch or carry around all the cleaning equipment and other utensils individually, as one is more accustomed to doing at home, a professional cleaning trolley is simply indispensable. It makes convenient cleaning use and, depending on the equipment and model, it holds everything needed for cleaning. This means that the necessary cleaning utensils are always available quickly and within easy reach. Our high-quality cleaning carts are well equipped, such as special shelves and compartments, holders for brooms or mops, laundry bags or presses, double buckets and some more. Our inexpensive cleaning trolleys are of course also suitable for private households, but especially for commercial use they are indispensable companions. Please also look at our comfortable service trolleys , which are ideal for use in hotels or guesthouses, among other places.

Industrial cleaning equipment supplier

Do you value quality? Then Expondo is the right place for you. Because we always make sure to offer you the highest standards in terms of material and workmanship. Our large and wide range of products is designed to always offer the right product for every requirement and need. Our electric cleaning equipment meets the highest quality criteria and is also durable and long-lasting. And whether it's a rather easy cleaning requirement or special needs when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we can certainly recommend just the right machine for you.

Why should you choose industrial cleaning supplies from Expondo?

  • wide range

  • first-class cleaning equipment for every purpose

  • ensure cleanliness and hygiene in any environment

  • High quality materials and products

  • multiple accessories