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Ozone Generator - 10000 - 40000 mg/h - 350 W

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Key features
  • Powerful – ozone production up to 40 000 mg/h for the reduction of stubborn odours
  • Precise – timer up to 240 min operation or continuous function as well as 4 ozone strengths
  • Large-area – optimal rooms from 150 to 1200 m²
  • Adjustable – with the help of the LCD display, the ozone power is selected according to the room size and the desired time
  • Mobile – two large wheels and a non-slip handle facilitate transport
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Voltage [V]
Power [W]
Continuous mode, auto mode, timer
Ozone strength [mg/h]
10000 - 40000
Cable holder
Remote control
300 m³/h
Dimensions (LxWxH)
46 x 40 x 84 cm
18.1 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
78 x 62 x 52 cm
Shipping weight
24.8 kg

Delivery package

  • Ozone generator AIRCLEAN 40G
  • Remote control
  • Non-slip grip
  • 6 screws
  • 4 wrenches
  • Spare fuse
  • Instruction manual


More power for large rooms with the ozone generator from ulsonix

Do you want to effectively neutralise strong odours in large rooms up to 1200 m²? Then use the powerful AIRCLEAN 40G ozone generator from ulsonix! Whether you have musty rooms as a result of flooding or cigarettes or animal odours in vehicles, with the ozone cleaner you can get unpleasant smelling environments under control again. The ozone unit offers a comprehensive solution that you can use in a wide variety of areas and room sizes, whether in the hotel industry, in car workshops or in waste and sanitary rooms - everywhere you combat bad odours and harmful bacteria effectively with ozone treatment.

The ozone unit effectively neutralises odours, germs and bacteria

With the ozone generator AIRCLEAN 40G you have the choice. With the timer you can determine the duration of the ozone treatment for up to 240 min. You can set the ozone power in four stages according to the room size with the help of the generous LCD display. This allows you to treat rooms from 150 to 1200 m² in a targeted manner and achieve optimum results with ozone treatment. Alternatively, use the remote control to control the unit.
The powerful ozone device produces a maximum of 40,000 mg/h ozone, with which you can quickly and effectively combat bad odors. For smaller rooms, turn down the ozone power by 25% at a time. With maximum ozone power, you can clean a room of 150 m² in just 30 minutes. But even rooms with a size of 1200 m² are freed from harmful odors or bacteria in 240 minutes. In addition, a pre-filter removes large dirt particles. For optimal settings, use the auto mode, which determines all values according to the size of the room. The ozone machine is suitable for large spaces such as garages, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops or rooms where your pets stay, where it sterilizes the air and removes odors. But the device also shows excellent results when used after floods and fires.
Do you want to save costs? With an output of 350 W, you not only get an effective, but also an energy-efficient device. A fan distributes the ozone evenly in your room. Or you connect the device to the ventilation system. With a thorough ozone treatment, you can even remove mold spores from the air and allergy sufferers can breathe freely again. Other uses for odor control and sterilization can be found in agriculture or removing formaldehyde in new buildings, hotels or offices. In addition, ozone treatment keeps equipment fresh, for example in refrigerators.
With the help of two large wheels and a non-slip handle, you can easily transport the large ozone cleaner to any desired location. For transport, stow the 2.92 m long power cable, which gives you optimum freedom of movement when positioning the ozone generator.
How to use ozone safely? Ozone may only be used in closed rooms where there are no people or (domestic) animals. After a treatment with ozone, a room may only be entered again after 2 h. It must then be aired for at least 30 minutes. Never inhale ozone directly from the unit and ozone should only be produced according to the room size. Make sure that there are no flammable gases or explosive substances in the vicinity of the ozone generator. Please read the operating instructions carefully before treatment with ozone and observe all safety instructions carefully.
Find out how effectively ozone fights bacteria and mould! Research by the Polish State Sanitary Inspectorate (Sanepid) has shown that the process carried out with the ulsonix ozone generator can excellently complement conventional disinfection methods and removes biological contaminants even in hard-to-reach places.

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9 months ago Posted on Expondo Switzerland

Super Product

I had several ozone cleaners but I shouldn't have skimped initially. Because the big one is perfect. Versatile for small areas or large areas.

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo Switzerland

Powerful and easy to use

The device is very well designed. It is easy to use. It waits a minute before generating ozone which is convenient for leaving the room first.

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last year Posted on Expondo Denmark

Good effect

Effective and good effect in a short time.

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last year Posted on Expondo Portugal

No comment provided.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there tests that confirm the effectiveness of ozone treatment with ulsonix devices?

Yes, we have the results of tests carried out by the Polish State Sanitary Inspectorate (Sanepid), which examined ulsonix appliances in August 2020. These tests confirmed that ozone treatment can remove biological contaminants from hard-to-reach and easy-to-miss locations.

Can ozone generators also be used in offices or could they damage the technology there?

The generators can be used in office spaces. There is no danger for the technology. However, people may not be in the room during cleaning.

How long does the air filter last? Can it be cleaned under water?

This depends on the frequency of use and the conditions under which the unit is used. The filter can be washed under water, but must be dried well afterwards.

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