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Any professional chef knows the importance of efficient preparation. When it comes to working with sharp objects, safety and precision take priority, but that needn’t mean that you have to compromise on speed. With a powerful band saw from the cooking experts at Royal Catering, you get the best of both worlds: A precise, high-performance slicing machine that saves you time and workspace when portioning fresh and frozen foods. Suitable for thin slices and large portions, you’ll see why it’s our top choice for butchers, kitchens, and delis.


Sharp thinking in the kitchen

• Ideal for butchers, caterers and restaurants • Save time and space in the kitchen • Creates clean, splinter-free cutting edges • Adjust the cutting width between 3 and 180 mm • Hardwearing • Easy to clean materials

Royal Catering band cutting units, found in our full range of range of catering equipment, are ideal for a wide range of culinary professions. Their range of band saws are right at home in butcher shops and meat-supply facilities, as well as other food warehouses and retailers. They are also ideal for slicing up sandwich meats in cafes and delis, allowing your customers to choose the size and quantity as you serve. This not only preserves the meat’s freshness throughout service, but cuts down on potential waste. Restaurant-owners know that it’s important to think of portion sizes before the busy run hits. With the Royal Catering band saw range, you can even portion out frozen foods ahead of time, ready to be stored before use. At Expondo, we’re always on the lookout for the best multi-function devices for your kitchen. Royal Catering band saws are designed to give you clean cuts, help you stay organised with portion-sizes, and save you time and space while you work, all while being a safe and ergonomic tool for your kitchen staff. The elegant band cutting machine is made with a high-quality aluminium body and a stainless-steel worktop – these not only add a modern touch, but are hardwearing and easy to clean. All individual parts can even be disassembled and cleaned using standard cleaning products. A compact band saw is fitted with anti-slip pads, to maintain a firm hold on any work surface. Saws can be replaced easily using the ergonomic clamp, and the cutting width adjusted from 3mm to 180mm using the rotary button. The clean-edged stainless steel blade is 1650mm in length, offering a precise cut through all food types. In addition, these sturdy units are great for complementing stainless steel burger presses, as you can precisely narrow down to your desired cutting size for further use.

Have a ‘butchers’ at that!

• Safe and efficient meat preparation • Food processors for mincing meat • Stainless steel burger presses • Food slicers for deli meats • A wide range of grills

As well as the efficient band cutting device range from Royal Catering, you’ll find plenty more fantastic kitchen supplies for prepping, cooking and serving meat in our full range of butchers equipment. Discover our range of food processers and meat mincers to create the perfect ingredients for burgers, sausages, lasagne, koftes, and more! Our range of stainless steel sausage clippers are perfect for whipping up your own original sausage recipes (another mince-meat favourite), and they’re not only for butchers. Chefs and ambitious home-cooks will love concocting their own original recipes for their next breakfast service or roast dinner. We’ve also got a selection of food slicers, for producing delicate slices of smoked meats, and even well-aged cheeses. And when comes to cooking your delicious meaty dishes, look no further than our full range of grills, ideal for cooking burgers, sausages, and kebabs, and as well as grilling burger buns, toasted sandwiches and more. We know that working in a kitchen means more than just chopping and cooking. Discover our full selection of professional tools featuring draining tools, ideal for kitchen sinks, and our range of industrial supplies featuring precision scales to weigh and price ingredients. That’s everything – including the kitchen sink!