Stainless Steel Table

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From the smallest home kitchens to the largest canteens, every cook or chef needs one thing above all else: a sturdy, hygienic work surface. A stainless steel table from expondo’s top-range catalogue of professional catering furniture is a fail-safe choice. These robust, easy-clean tables are so versatile they are suited to any purpose both within and outside the kitchen, even making a great industrial-style dining table for any restaurant or modern home!

A trustworthy table that can handle any load

Each of our quality stainless steel tables is tough enough to support the heaviest countertop appliances and the most intense everyday use. That’s why these tables are a kitchen staple for professional chefs and caterers; thanks to the range of sizes and configurations available, you can find a high-end stainless steel table that will fit any size of kitchen and offer options for general and specialised use. The under-the-counter shelf gives you extra storage space for pots, pans and appliances, and the sleek, clean appearance of the silver metal suits our matching stainless steel storage units as well as any contemporary interior design scheme. Any professional kitchen, such as in a restaurant, hotel or pub, cannot afford to be without a simple yet sturdy kitchen counter such as these. The stainless steel is easy to wash down and does not rust or corrode, nor will it be stained or dented by the various tos and fros of any busy kitchen. A stainless steel table is therefore also a perfect fit in any home or shared accommodation, even in an office tearoom or school staffroom. The materials and design ensure that the table helps you comply with any hygiene standards or regulations which apply to your situation, whether in a hospital canteen or an independent butcher, and the hard-as-nails construction means that these tables can even be used in industrial workplaces such as repair workshops or factories. All our stainless steel tables and other furniture is provided by top brands such as reputable catering brand Royal Catering, ensuring that you receive a product you can rely on as a long-term investment.

Stainless steel tables for all uses

No wooden or plastic-topped work surface will offer the same scratch- and dirt-resistance as one of these stainless steel tables. These tables are engineered to be strong and durable in even the toughest kitchens or work stations, and can hold extremely weighty loads, meaning you needn’t worry about filling your counter with as many professional kitchen gadgets or heavy craftsman’s tools as you need. These versatile counters come in many different shapes and sizes to suit and space, from our smallest stainless steel table at just 100cm long to our largest steel table which is a massive 200cm long and includes an upstand for added cleanliness. The legs and shelves are adjustable for maximised practicality, and each table can be combined with other stainless steel tables or equipment from our range, such as our heavy-duty floating shelves, to make up a fully-stocked work area. The highly resistant and long-lasting material of the work surface makes it resistant to high heat and strong cleaning chemicals, making it a worthwhile investment for any caterer or food supplier. Even private individuals will appreciate the simplicity and stability of this quality product, which is equally suited for home kitchens, garage storage or toolshed workspaces. Whether you’re chopping vegetables or making model aircraft, make sure you’ve got a quality work surface to lean on!