Stainless Steel Cupboard

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A Royal Catering stainless steel cupboard is a must-have for any catering business. Whether you own a traditional sit-down restaurant, a fast food or snack bar serving customers on-the-go or a bustling cafeteria feeding masses of hungry employees and school children, a stainless steel cupboard is a hygienic and cost-effective way to keep your busy kitchen clean and organised. Steel cupboards can likewise be an attractive addition to any domestic pantry and will seamlessly complete the look of any stainless steel kitchen.

A flexible space with a variety of uses

  • High capacity storage
  • Avoid clutter and store efficiently
  • Adjustable shelves to suit your needs
  • Focus on tasks and rely on high quality units

With a stainless steel cabinet from Royal Catering, you'll gain a large capacity storage space, smartly hidden behind four sliding doors. As free surface space is like gold dust in any kitchen, investing in a set of high-quality storage cupboards will cut down on unnecessary stress. Storing frequently used pieces of equipment like pots and pans in cupboards with sliding doors, means your cookware is easier and quicker to access and no longer needs to be hung annoyingly overhead, or clutter up valuable surface and wall space. This leaves your kitchen unobstructed and encourages a streamlined workflow. Stainless steel cupboards can also be used to store larger pieces of catering equipment, such as food slicers, when not in use.

The three adjustable shelves can be easily customised to comfortably accommodate the equipment or products of your choice. The cupboards' sturdy design also makes them great for industrial settings where they can be used to keep power tools and delicate pieces of industrial equipment or professional equipment, such as precision scales. Aside from storing cookware and equipment, our stainless steel cupboards are also perfectly suited for using in kitchen pantries to store dry goods, such as pasta and rice. All of our cupboards are fitted with four robust height-adjustable feet, elevating the cupboards away from the floor and protecting your dry goods from pests and contamination. This floor-to-cupboard gap also facilitates your kitchen cleaning routine, allowing you to effortlessly access and clean the kitchen floor below.

Stainless steel cupboards that last a lifetime

  • High-quality material to ensure optimal reliability and durability
  • Various equipment to choose from
  • Hygienic as well as aesthetically pleasing
  • Purchase a sturdy unit today!

As well as cupboards, stainless steel is our material of choice for constructing various forms of professional kitchen devices and furniture, such as 3L and 15L sausage stuffers, dishwashers and cooling tables. For more details on affordable stainless steel products needed to create and transform your kitchen, make sure to check out our full range of stainless steel furniture. The main advantage of stainless steel is its non-porous surface. This non-porous quality stops bacteria and moisture from seeping into surfaces, thereby preventing corrosion and helping your business to adhere to health and safety standards. Cleaning up any stains or splashes of wayward food on your steel cupboards has never been more straightforward. The durable, stable nature of stainless steel, in combination with our sturdy construction techniques means any that investment in a stainless steel cupboard is one that will keep giving for many years to come, as is the case with great bain-maries.

Choose a Royal Catering stainless steel unit and receive a loyal, durable, health and safety conscious friend that is easy to clean, stays looking like new and thanks to its customisable interior, will confidently meet all your storage needs. Not only will your staff thank you for such an investment, but so will your customers, as an organised kitchen is a happy, focused kitchen that serves delicious meals in good time. So whether you're a local butcher looking find somewhere to store your specialised butcher's equipment or an industrial kitchen that needs easy access to your cookware, make sure to get your hands on one of our stainless steel cupboards from expondo today!