Price Calculating Scales

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When you’re running a busy counter selling goods by the kilo or the gram, there’s no time to grab a calculator or do lots of mental arithmetic. A set of scales which can work out the price for you is the ideal solution. Whether vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, or even pick ‘n’ mix, these price calculating scales by quality manufacturer Steinberg Systems deliver accurate measurements and quick, reliable price calculations. And like all our industrial appliances, there are options to suit every business. Maybe it's time to check out our digital weighing scale?

Weigh it, price it, pack it

The price calculating scales in our catalogue are precise and reliable, with accurate measurements in line with the maximum weight for each model, which ranges from 6kg to 100kg. This means that you can be sure you are charging the right sums for your wares and giving your business and your customers fair prices. These intuitive, practical scales use digital measurements and an LED display screen to make use easy, practical and quick. Ideal for deli counters, grocers and other food or snack sellers, a price calculating scale makes a great addition to any set-up of catering and food sales equipment. Simply place the goods on the scale, input the price information via the easy-to-use control panel, and let the scale do the rest – with extra functions such as ‘hold’ and ‘memorise’ to help you process even complicated orders!

We even offer a scale with oilproof and waterproof controls, so even your messiest products won’t impede its use! But these price calculating scales aren’t just for edibles – they’re also perfect for anything that you might sell by weight, such as decorative vase fillers, handmade soaps, beads and much more. And if you need to calculate the number of items in a batch, one of our counting scales gives you this added functionality. From farms to bakeries, craft supplies stores to fishmongers, a quality scale from our catalogue of industry-quality scales helps you to manage your stock and make fair sales with minimal stress and optimal practicality.

A price calculating scale does the maths for you

With multiple useful functions and a long-lasting battery, these price calculating scales are a wise investment for portioning and managing product sales, no matter what the customer’s ordered. These scales are lightweight, compact and sleek, fitting onto any countertop or workspace, and are easy to use, so you can train your sales staff to work with them without any trouble. From our starter-level price calculating scale, with a max weight of 40kg, to our highest-capacity scale which has a maximum weight of 100kg, each scale is precise and has an integrated level for manual adjustments. If you are weighing even heavier products, we also offer industrial floor scales with the same high quality manufacturing and reliable readouts.

Our range of scales offers every functionality you might need in a warehouse, grocery or workshop. These price calculating scales are also ideal for manufacturing set-ups where small batches of products, such as artisanal cosmetics or handmade chocolates, need to be weighed before packaging so that they can be tagged with the correct price. For lighter products such as tea or coffee beans, you can trust that these scales are equally capable of dealing with smaller weights. And for that next step, when you need to send goods or invoices out to your customers and clients, a letter scale makes sure that even your postage processing is accurate and fair. Don’t ‘guesstimate’ your prices if you are selling goods by the gram – get the right price for your product every time with a price calculating scale.