Precision Scales

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Whether you’re working in a kitchen, laboratory, school, or in the craft industry, precision is incredibly important when it comes to weight measurement. For all your weighing needs, a precision scales is the best way to avoid errors, maintain safety standards and save time on repeating your work over and over again. Whatever your profession, if accurate measurement is a priority, then it’s time to investigate our range of professional scales.

Choose a precision scales for accurate weight measurement, every time.

In our range of scales from Steinberg Systems, we’ve got a model for virtually any workspace. Kitchens are one of the most popular homes for our precision scales. For accurate weighing of powders such as flour, sugar and cocoa, no bakery should be without one. After all, at the end of the day, baking is really just a delicious of chemistry! Even the slightest error can cause flattened bread loaves or sickly sweet pastries. For accuracy in professional laboratories and schools, our precision scales are the ideal measuring tool. Quantity errors can cause major setbacks when it comes to scientific research, and can even be quite dangerous if you are working with volatile chemicals. In our wide range of precision scales you’ll find a choice of maximum load capacity and measurement accuracy.

Our basic, cheapest scales has a maximum charge of 500g and accuracy-degree of 0,01g. It’s the perfect compact scales for small kitchens and laboratories. Like all of our scales models, it has non-slip rubber feet for optimal stability while measuring, and an LED screen for accurate reading. The Kern precision balance scale, ideal for schools is simple and intuitive to use, with its convenient two-key function and compact flat design. For our most advanced weighing technology, the analytical balance scales from Kern has an accuracy degree of 0.1g and features a removable glass cage to protect against wind and dust during weighing. The scales can even be connected to a PC or printer for quick and accurate data output of experiments and recipes.

Precision perfect!

As with any product in our craft supplies range, a precision scales should offer excellent return on investment. Stainless steel has been the professional’s favourite for years. Most of our precision scales feature stainless steel weighing surfaces, which are robust and stand the test of time. As well as stainless steel, the hardened plastic surfaces and removable glass cages make our precision scales easy to clean and great for maintaining hygiene standards. Some of our scales feature adjustable feet, making them easy to adapt to your workspace.

And with six different measuring units available (g, kg, ln, oz, tl, ct), our precision scales offer a diverse range of data-recording choices. All of our precision scales feature a TARE function with stabilization time of as little as 3 seconds (depending on the model). And you can even cut back on the time spent on manual data input and calculation: many of our scales will also measure NET weight and will even calculate ‘weight per unit’ with a PCS function. Finally, many of our precision scales are supplied with a hook for weighing suspended loads. You’ll find plenty more solutions for executing precise professional tasks in our range of industrial supplies from our selection of ultrasonic cleaners to our vacuum drying ovens for labs. Remember: precision is key! So whether you’re adding to your range of catering supplies, or looking to upgrade your laboratory equipment, a precision scales can help you to save time and avoid needless errors.