Crane Scales

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If you have a pile of bricks or a palette full of goods, you know it’s going to be heavy. Certainly too heavy to lift! But what if you want to know exactly how heavy it is? A crane scale is a great tool for weighing large and cumbersome items up to 10,000kg, easily and safely. These are some of the most robust weighing systems in our entire range of professional scales.

A crane scale lets you weigh on the spot

Rather than moving the load over to your set of floor scales or a weighing area, a crane scale can be easily moved over to where the load is situated, allowing you to weigh the load directly where it is, or even calculate its weight as you use your crane rig to move it to a new location, for maximum efficiency. These high-quality scales by trusted manufacturer Steinberg Systems are perfectly suited for construction sites, warehouses and industrial workshops, where large items and heavy loads are constantly being shipped and stored on the premises. Compatible with regular cranes as well as industrial hoists, our range of chain scales features various models suitable for all kinds of applications as part of your industrial equipment set-up. The security hook and robust construction makes this a tool you can rely on; it can be safely attached to extremely heavy loads without any risk that the load will slip or fall.

Featuring all the classic useful functions of any accurate digital scale, such as TARE, HOLD, measurements in different units and a clear LCD display with long-life battery, a crane scale allows you to measure the weight of any large, cumbersome or heavy items that can be attached to a crane hook: cars, building materials, consumer goods, bags of gravel and much more. It’s the perfect way to keep track of the goods and resources that are being delivered to or being sent out of your business, for accurate pricing and stock-keeping. And some models of crane scale even feature a remote control, for situations where you need to stay clear of the load.

From a tad to a ton, weigh it the right way!

Depending on the model our crane scales can reach an enormous maximum weighing capacity: the smallest scale can weigh anything up to 50kg, while the intermediate models go up to 100kg, 300kg or 600kg. Our most budget-friendly crane scale has a maximum weight of 300kg, while our expert crane scale for the really hefty loads can take a maximum weight of up to 10,000kg and boasts a remote display with LED tech for the best possible industrial weighing solution. Like all of our craft and power tools, these scales are designed to be reliable and accurate, with a precision range of 50g for the smaller models, ranging proportionally with the maximum weight up to 2kg for the largest model.

Several of the models are available in different colours, meaning that you can always be sure which scale belongs to which team or area in your workspace. And if you are working outdoors, a waterproof crane scale is a must for those drizzly days on the site. In any logistics or production facility, a crane scale is ideal for calculating the weight of goods to be sent elsewhere, while a quality counting scale by Steinberg Systems helps you to keep track of smaller items. From nuts and bolts to sheet metal, from bricks and mortar to dishwashers and fridges, weighing systems from expondo can help you get the measure of your goods and resources.