Pressurised garden sprayers

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The pressure sprayer – a universal specialist

With garden tools from hillvert, such as garden chipper or leaf blowers, you are well prepared for the gardening season. Pressure sprayers from hillvert also prove to be useful helpers for numerous tasks in gardening. Whether you want to fertilize your plants or protect them from pests, a pressure sprayer will evenly distribute the liquid where it needs to go. The sprayers from hillvert are extremely easy to operate and can be effortlessly adapted to individual requirements.

Sprayers can also be used for other areas such as disinfecting large surfaces, dissolving wallpaper with water vapour or for applying solvents. You can choose between devices in which the pressure is built up manually or regulated by an engine, whether an electric pressure sprayer or a gasoline-powered device.

The pressure sprayer - fertilising and pest control

Pump sprayers can be used to supply plants with plant strengthening agents and promote their growth. Be it hedges, lawns or for growing vegetables: there are different biological as well as chemical substances that have a positive influence on the development of greenery. With an appropriate pump sprayer, the liquids can be distributed evenly and achieve harmonious results of garden maintenance.

Plant growth is one thing, and protection from pests is another – this is what compressed air sprayers do best. Whether there are already some pests on your plants or you want to keep frequent plant pests away from your garden as a precaution: The pressure sprayer applies the protective liquid particularly evenly and effectively to the greenery. It is important that you thoroughly clean the spray bottle when you use it for different application areas and substances, as well as the pump sprayer, to avoid unpleasant complications.

The weed sprayer - pressure sprayer for pesticides

A pump sprayer is particularly effective as a weed sprayer, for example, for hard-to-reach places such as joint cracks or path slabs. Instead of laborious mechanical work, the liquid, when applied evenly, fights weeds even in hard-to-reach places. Infested lawns, flower beds or ornamental plants can also be freed from weeds with specially developed liquid substances and a pressure sprayer. Due to the compressed air technology and the atomizing pump sprayer, you can also effortlessly treat large areas.

Pressure sprayer for disinfection

The designs of pressure sprayers are as varied as the areas of application: If you only want to work on small areas or very specifically with a spray pump, small containers from 5 l are sufficient, where the pressure for spraying is built up manually. The selection of the plant sprayer or spray lance as well as the nozzle is crucial for a targeted application. There are models for large areas, with an atomized water jet, or for smaller areas, for concentrated spraying. The water pressure lance should always lie securely in the hand and be aligned with the surfaces to be sprayed. The decisive factor here is the valve with which the pressure jet can be atomized or bundled. Adapters can be used for this purpose, although it is much more convenient to seamlessly regulate the valve directly without having to replace it.

For larger areas, it is recommended to use a pressure sprayer that is operated electrically or with a gasoline engine. Motor-driven devices such as garden trimmers is characterized by fast work progress, with pressure blowers, moreover, the greater range pays off, which is especially needed for tree or hedge care. If you use an electric garden sprayer, which is powered by a battery, it can be used particularly flexible, because it is cordless. If the unit has a large pressure spray bottle, a model that can be strapped to your back for longer work sessions will definitely be an advantage.

Handheld pressure sprayer – Cleaning and degreasing

There are many other applications that are easier to handle with the pressure sprayer, not just for gardens. In addition to a cleaning cart or floor scrubbers, a pressure spray bottle is also an effective tool when it comes to disinfecting large areas. Other fields of application can be found in the skilled trades sector. For example, master painters can use pressure sprayers to remove wallpaper from walls with moisture. For automotive mechanics, many devices are suitable for cleaning car bodies, underbodies or wheel rims. Wherever liquids need to be applied in a targeted manner, over a wide area or in hard-to-reach places, pump sprayers offer the optimal solution.