Drinks Fridge

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It’s no secret that clear, professional display not only adds a professional touch to your entire décor, but is a great way to entice your guests towards your range of drinks, snacks, and desserts. Give your customers the best selection to choose from with a commercial drinks fridge from the culinary experts at Royal Catering. Our refrigerating range features a wide selection of sizes to suit all kinds of kitchens and serving spaces, from shops, food trucks, and delis to bars and restaurants. Discover our high polishes range below!

Fancy a drink!

• Display sodas, juices, wines and beer • Suitable for other chilled food, snacks and desserts • Easy to clean inside and out • Durable stainless steel • Wide range of sizes • Eco-friendly

A drinks fridge from our full range of catering appliances will go a long way in displaying your wares, and we’re not just talking about juices, beers, and sodas! Sure, they are the ideal way to displays bottles and cans of refreshing beverages, but a drinks fridge is also an excellent self-service option for yogurts, ice-creams, and other chilled snacks and desserts. They are even suitable for displaying chilled foods such as meats and ready-meals in shops, delis, and butchers for your customers to pick up and cook at home. Ready-to-eat take-away sandwiches and salads are also conveniently displayed in an easy-to-reach drinks fridge. And for take-away restaurants and food trucks, it’s not only great storage for fizzy sodas, but will also keep ketchup, mayo and other sauces chilled while not in use. Whatever you’re serving, our drinks fridge range offers excellent visibility and accessibility as well as efficient cooling systems. Adjust your temperature from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius (that means ice creams and frozen yogurts are also an option!). Each efficient drinks fridge is built with robust, easy to clean stainless steel and durable glass. With a wide range of sizes to choose from – 108L to 458L – we’ve got a drinks fridge for even the most compact kitchens. Our drinks fridge range features LED display for easy reading even in dim lighting as well as an automatic de-icing system. At Expondo we value both your business and its impact on the planet. Each insulated drinks fridge is fitted with an eco-friendly cooler and is designed to have low energy consumption. Another excellent and cooling way to display fresh juices and cordial is with one of our eye-catching drinks fountains, ideal for breakfast bars and events.

Time to cool down

Great is display is one thing, but if you’re compromising on temperature control, you could be risking more than just taste. You may also be expose your food to dangerous bacteria that can thrive in room temperatures. Never take the risk for your customers or your business. Our full range of convenient display fridges has plenty of stylish, versatile display solutions, to keep your food looking and tasting delectable. There’s much to choose from such as mini-coolers for drinks and snacks, broad display units to show of delicious pastries and sandwiches, and even specially designed cake coolers to give a 360 degree view of your eye-catching cakes! Keeping things cool is not only important front-of-house. It is equally vital in kitchen and storage areas. Our full range of commercial refrigerators offers up to 700L of cooling and storage space for fresh ingredients. Temperature control works both ways! Our full range of heating equipment features bain maries, chafing dishes, and hot water dispensers. Not to mention our cooking range featuring commercial grills, crepe makers and more! Don’t forget we are looking out for all kinds of businesses here at Expondo. For factories, retailers, garages and more, check out our full range of professional tools and versatile industrial equipment.