Crepe Makers

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Crepes are a type of thin French pancake. They are versatile and can be made sweet or savoury by adding different toppings. They will be a great addition to your menu! Choose a high-quality crepe maker for home use, and as catering equipment in restaurants, food trucks, cafés, and pubs, and at theme parks and fun fairs.

The perfect breakfast and snack

In terms of quality, crepe makers are far superior to frying pans for making crepes. They are safer and they produce crepes with the best texture and a perfect round shape. Best of all, they are easy to clean. The main brand of our crepe makers, Royal Catering, is known for making high quality devices. All models are suitable for both commercial and private use. If you want to stock your home or restaurant’s kitchen, we have all the equipment you need for fun, delicious food, since we also carry some funny-shaped waffle makers, some smart milkshake makers, and also some convenient deep fat fryers for pastries. How about new snack bar equipment for hot dogs, burgers etc. as well?

Crepe makers can be used any time of day. Crepes are perfect for breakfast since you can make big batches for a whole family very easily. They are also great for a quick snack, or even dinner. Crepe makers can be used for small meals and large meals since batches can be made just as easily for one person or a large group. You can make delicious batches of classic French crepes, or healthy trendy buckwheat crepes. You can add almost any topping, from chocolate, fruit, cheese, and even vegetables. Crepe recipes can be either simple or elaborate, like a plain sugar topped crepe or the fancy, flambéed Crepe Suzette. This means crepes are sure to please anyone, anytime. Adding a crepe maker to your kitchen will save you time since they are so simple to use, and make your guests’ stomachs happy. If you own a commercial kitchen, we also sell some craft supplies, like power tools and welders, and industrial equipment pieces to help you rebuild your kitchen.

Crepe makers for everyone’s needs

You can find quality crepe makers for all your needs and every type of budget in our product range. If you’re looking for a nice addition to your home kitchen, our cheapest model is the single plate 40cm model from Royal Catering. As a professional you will appreciate our expert range and especially a double plate model from Bartscher that is very powerful, up to 12000 Watts.

Our crepe makers have features which will suit every kitchen, big or small. Our hot plates are cast iron with an enamel coating, meaning our products are all made with sturdy, non-stick materials. That means they are very durable and that you will save time with cleaning. All of our models have a 40 cm hot plate, and we carry both single plate and double plate models. If you have a small kitchen, we have space-saving ones as well. Most of our models are 3000 Watts, but they can go up to 6000 Watts for some if more power is needed. We also have some models with a shorter heating period and digital readiness signals, which would be a good addition to a busy kitchen for chefs who want to save time. Accessories sold alongside the crepe makers include batter spreaders, and for our Bartscher models, a crepe flipper. Whatever your needs, one of our crepe makers will add great value to your kitchen. Our quality products will make perfect crepes, while saving you time during cooking and clean up. Add delicious, trendy crepes to your menu today!