Waffle Maker

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There’s nothing quite like the sight and scent of a full helping of fluffy, golden waffles to get your mouth watering and ready for a hearty sugar rush. Whether it’s breakfast, dessert, or a delicious market snack, this versatile Belgian dish is making waves across menus, the world over. Serve it them with chocolate, blueberries, maple syrup, or ice-cream. Whatever you do, make sure you whip up your next batch using a professional non-stick waffle maker from the dessert gurus at Royal Catering, for a no-fuss treat that will delight your guests every time.

Choose a professional waffle maker that’s quick, non-stick, and no fuss!

When it comes to anything pan-fried, we understand the nightmare of ingredients sticking to the pan. It’s no different when it comes to whipping up a batch of waffles – the last thing you want to see is that creamy batter getting charred. With a professional cast iron or Teflon waffle maker, you can cook up a no-mess, no-fuss batch of waffles without sticking or over-cooking. It couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re running a bakery, restaurant or market stall, or even cooking at home, we’ve got the waffle maker for you. Choose between single and double units, as well as a variety of waffle shapes: round, triangular, square and even heart-shaped! Our cheapest waffle maker is the handy 1300W model from Royal Catering. This compact device reaches cooking temperature quickly and is ideal for smaller kitchens. Our largest waffle maker is the Brussels Double Waffle Maker from Bartscher. With two separate grills reaching up to 300 degrees C, you can double your waffle production with the turn of a dial. Simply pour over your batter and let the waffle maker get to work. The non-stick coating ensures that each batch is easy to remove, and minimises the need for excess oil, and with an integrated timer function, you can time each batch to perfection. The integrated flow protection catches any excess dough, helping you to avoid mess and making sure each waffle is perfectly formed. Like every item from our craft supplies to our professional industrial equipment, we want your waffle maker to stand the test of time. Each model is finished in a robust, stainless steel structure which is hardwearing and resistant to dents and scrapes.

What are you waffling on about?

Did you know that a waffle maker also serves as a multi-purpose griddle? You can double up your device to make delicious savoury dishes from omelettes and fritters to quesadillas and toasted sandwiches; a multi-purpose table-top cooker that caters to your market needs. Our selection of crepe makers is another great example of multi-purpose cooking, that can be used for both sweet and savoury treats. For this continental favourite, an authentic crepe requires high-temperature cooking and a non-stick surface. Our table-top crepe makers are finished with high-grade steel, and enamel coated cast iron, helping you achieve the perfect temperature and allowing a quick and easy clean-up between batches. Topped with melted cheese or melted chocolate, each pancake will be served to perfection. In our renowned range of catering equipment, we’ve got plenty more handy devices to help you feed any hungry sweet tooth. Our chocolate melting pot is the ideal device for restaurants and party caterers, for melting chocolate and keeping it at the perfect consistency to pair with fruit, cake, ice-cream, and you said it, waffles! And for those who prefer a cold dessert, our milkshake makers are a well-loved favourite in diners, restaurants and fast-food restaurants for that perfect sugary hit after dinner. Forget brain-freeze! Your diners will be delighted with this nostalgic treat.