Baking Equipment

Is it just us, or has the world gone a little ‘baking mad’ lately? These days, fresh bread isn’t left solely to the bakers. Top chefs know that it’s the little details that set your establishment apart from the rest, and baking your own artisan bread is becoming a standard in restaurants the world over. But it’s not the kind of task you want to undertake without the right kitchen appliances. With a versatile baking device like the Bartscher Kitchen Aid, you can arm your kitchen with a one-stop-shop for sour-doughs, soufflés and more!

Mixing, folding and whisking!

Thousands of books have been written on the art of baking, and some chefs spend their entire careers focusing on mastering the perfect loaf. Whether you’re speciality is baking or you simply want to add a little finesse to your soup course, quality baking equipment will go a long way. The Bartscher Kitchen Aid is a powerful and multifunctional baking device for mixing, folding and whisking. As well as restaurants and bakeries, it’s also great for butcheries and delis wanting to offer their customers a little something extra. In cooking schools, it’s a great tool for demonstrating countless recipes from basic bread dough to delicate desserts. And of course, any home chef will be wise to add this to their catering equipment for dinner parties and bake-sales. This compact device will fit neatly into kitchens large and small. Clutter is the worst enemy of an organised kitchen. With multifunctional baking equipment, you can save money and cut down on the need for separate tools such as whisks and hand-held mixers. Any chef who has kneaded bread or whisked a meringue by hand will certainly appreciate the power of this diverse baking device. With up to ten speeds, the planetary paddle mixer takes all of the physical labour out of preparing dough, and allows you to multitask. With all of our culinary and industrial equipment, durability is a priority. As far as long-lasting baking equipment goes, The Kitchen Aid offer years of reliable return on investment with its durable exterior of zinc and stainless steel, which is anticorrosive and easy to clean.

…and just a pinch of efficiency!

Whether you’re a professional or a home-chef trying out your latest Pinterest ideas, you can make your time and workspace more efficient with great baking equipment. Our convenient pastry dough roll machines take the hard work out of forming and rolling dough for pastries, pizzas and breads, and are perfect for baking in large batches. Our deep fat fryers for pastries are ideal for whipping up batches of doughnuts, churros and even New York’s favourite ‘cronuts’! If breakfast is your tour-de-force, then our waffle makers with various shapes will give your diners a quirky start to the day, with none of the mess or fuss. This intuitive baking device is complete with overflow protection to prevent spillage and a fully automated temperature system to prevent burning and ensure that each waffle is as fluffy and golden as the last. With our commercial blenders to prepare smoothies and other sauces, you can partner your morning waffles with a delicious banana smoothie or even a rich berry coulis. In our selection of snack bar equipment we’ve got handy kitchen helpers for all tasks from mixing dough to mincing meat! And in our range of funfair and market needs equipment you’ll find more intuitive culinary companions, from juice blenders to crepe makers, adding that element of spectacle that everyone loves in great street food! In our full online Expondo catalogue with catering, craft and industrial equipment, we’ve got plenty more examples of time-saving baking equipment for professionals and home-chefs alike, as well as industrial and craft supplies.