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Model: RC-BWM01

Bubble Waffle Maker - 1,415 W - Royal Catering - 50 - 250 ° C - Timer: 0 - 5 min

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  • Special – hexagonal waffles with unique bubble shape
  • Powerful – with 1,415 W and baking plates for baking on both sides
  • Durable – robust stainless steel housing and Teflon-coated aluminium baking plates
  • Practical – reliable timer with alarm
  • Safe – heat-repellent handle


The rapid bubble waffle maker with powerful 1,415 W

Bubble waffles – this culinary trend is conquering our domestic kitchens and sending lovers of sweet delights into raptures. Now you, too, can prepare these treats with the bubble waffle maker RC-BWM01 from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection. The result: The waffles are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside with an intense pancake flavour with a touch of sugar. Surprise your guests in your restaurant or hotel, at the buffet, at a catered event, or at a fast food stand. Or treat your loved ones to these waffles at home in the afternoon or evening.

The specialised waffle iron for unique bubble waffles

Due to the baking plate shape, hexagonal wafers in the unique bubble shape are created when the batter is baked. You can enjoy them plain, or top and garnish them with all kinds of delicacies. The shape is also suitable for rolling them up like an ice cream cone. The two electric baking plates with an output of 1,415 W heat up very quickly to evenly bake the waffle batter from above and below. This means the appliance is quickly ready for use and the waffles are ready in no time. The bubble waffle iron can be rotated to ensure the batter is evenly distributed.

The high-quality stainless steel housing and the Teflon-coated aluminium baking plates make a great team, which makes this waffle maker very durable and extremely robust. It is also easy to clean and meets hygiene and health standards.

The bubble waffle machine for your mobile catering needs is equipped with a timer so nothing burns. You can select an interval from 0 - 5 min min. An alarm will sound at the end of the set baking time. Depending on the desired consistency of the waffles, you can adjust the temperature between 50 - 250 °C using a control dial. The indicator light shows when the baking plates have reached the desired temperature.

The professional bubble waffle iron is equipped with a high-quality handle which protects you from the heat and enables you to open and close the baking plates without potholders. Four rubber feet ensure stability while preventing scratches.



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