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Sometimes all you need to really get the party going is a little imagination. And what better way to bring out the child in guests of all ages than with delicious party snack from their early years. Whip up a nostalgic treat with our slush maker machine from the catering experts at Royal Catering. This world renowned brand knows everything there is to know about catering for parties, carnivals, circuses, weddings and more ¬with fun and imaginative equipment that never compromises on quality. You could be whipping up fuss-free, colourful slushies, frozen yogurts, and soft serve ice-creams in no time!

Whip up cooling treats with a slush maker machine

• Perfect for parties and events • Make slushies, ice-creams, frozen yogurt • Easy to use • Sturdy materials • Large capacity • Multiple tanks at once

As we’ve often said, nostalgic treats like popcorn, ice cream, and candy-floss are certainly not just for kids! And the same goes when using the Royal Catering slush maker machine. Found in our range of catering supplies. Stir your guests imagination by creating their favourite flavours in no time at all. The such maker machine is ideal for all kinds of events like community days, funfairs, theme-parks and circuses. They’re a great choice for parents hosting an extra special birthday party. And of course no trip to the cinema, arcade, bowling alley, or sporting event would be complete without a refreshing sweet treat to go with it. Caterers and street food vendors can also consider the slush maker machine for their range of mobile catering equipment. The slush maker machine from Royal Catering is easy to use for people of all experiences, so home users can definitely join the fun. The slush maker machine allows you to whip up both slushies and soft serve ice-cream, and can be used both indoors and out. Its playful design is intended to be eye-catching and add a splash of colour to your catering display. The slush maker machine has a large capacity, allowing you to make large batches, and, with its multiple tanks, you can have different flavours on the go at the same time! You can even whip up delicious cocktails – perfect for seaside bars! While the slush maker machine is certainly best used in the hotter months, never fear. Its strong, durable material means that it can be used event after event, year after year! Of course if weather is an issue when it comes to party catering, don’t forget we’ve got a wide range of all-weather catering tents to help you battle the elements. So it’s always slushy season!

More ways to cater your next event

• Retro catering equipment • Perfect for cinemas, parties, fairs • Popcorn machines in different colours • Wheeled design • Chocolate fountains • Keeps ideal texture and temperature

As we said, here at Expondo, we’re big fans of nostalgic treats to keep the party going. Also in our range of mobile catering equipment, why not check out our best-selling range of popcorn-makers? With their retro design, our popcorn makers are available in a range of colours and capacities. You can even choose our wheeled popcorn makers so make this delicious, fragrant snack on the move! Another great addition to any celebration from weddings to kids’ parties is an elegant chocolate fountain. Choose from a range of sizes and wait for your guests eyes to light up when they see the delicious chocolate flowing. Now all that’s left is to supply them with a range of dipping bites such as fruit, marshmallow, biscuit, profiteroles, and more. There’s always a practical element to consider when catering any party. It’s important to make sure you’re not cut short of storage space and that all your ingredients remain fresh throughout service. With our range of refrigeration equipment you’ll find a wide range of models to help you do just that. We’ve got everything from full-sized deep freezers to easy-access drinks coolers so your guests can grab and go! Remember, when it comes to the practical side of running any business we’ve got a wide range of professional tools for repairs and construction, as well as industrial supplies for testing, weighing, and more. Check out the full range today!