Catering Tents

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Are you party planner, wedding caterer or events manager? Are you a home chef looking to plan your next family celebration or neighbourhood barbeque? Or perhaps you need the option to expand your restaurant or hotel during special events. With our new range of weatherproof catering tents from the food experts at Royal Catering, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is the weather. Turn any outdoor space into to a dining hall, dance floor or spot-lit stage area with our wide variety of spacious, high quality tents.


Choose a hardwearing catering tents for every special occasion

• Available in many sizes • Home or professional use • Tear-proof PVC • Protect against rain, heat, and UV • Suitable for all events • Temporary outdoor storage

Our catering tent range is suitable for a wide range of home and professional uses. Turn your back-garden into instant party area, sheltering your guests from cold, rain, sun, and wind. This lets your guests party long into the evening as the nights grow colder, and in the summer, wards them from UV rays and pesky insects. For long events, a catering tent is ideal for protecting food and drink from the sun and ensures that it stays fresh for longer, as well as keeping your catering equipment safe from intruders. Indeed, a catering tent is not just for guests. It’s also an extremely useful way of storing equipment for outdoor activities, whether that’s construction equipment and tools, sports-gear, industrial equipment for science and research, or stage and lighting equipment – all of which can be valuable as well as vulnerable in wet conditions. Each catering tent features ventilation windows, allowing you to let the sunlight in while keeping the air inside fresh. The tear-resistant PVC tarpaulin is UV, oil and water protective, and good for all weather conditions and seasons. In the colder months, your catering tent allows you to keep the heat from heating units inside so your guests are cosy. The PVC surface is also easy to clean from one event to the next. The high stability tent scaffolding ensures that the structure of your tent is sound, even in adverse weather. A great investment, your catering tent can be used again and again for years of celebration!

More from our events and catering range

• For street food stalls and caterers • Portable and compact • Refrigerators to keep food fresh • Stay organised with our condiment holders • Hard wearing • Add a touch of spectacle

We’ve got plenty more ways to entertain and feed your guests on the go, whether you’re catering from one party to the next, or manning a street-food stall. When the sun’s out, there’s always a good reason to go al fresco! In our range of mobile catering equipment, we’ve got something to cater for all ages. Starting with the basics, check out our reliable range of refrigeration units many of which are compact and portable enough to plug into a strong portable power unit. Keep your fresh ingredients and cold drinks fresh for longer, protecting them against the summer heat. When catering any event, you need a portable way to keep ingredients fresh, organised, and easy to access. Our stainless steel condiment holder are perfect for catered buffets and pop-bars, with six compartments each holding up to 450ml. For the real party lovers (and not just the kids!), why not add a fun surprise with one of our spectacular chocolate fountains? Delight your guests with four flowing tiers of chocolate, perfectly heated to keep a tasty texture and temperature. And finally, kids (of all ages) won’t be able to resist the scent and sight of our mobile popcorn makers and candyfloss machines available in a wide range of colours. Next time you want to celebrate, you won’t even need an excuse!