Salamander Grill

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You can put time into choosing the right ingredients, the perfecting your cooking methods and creating a well-balanced menu, but when it comes to impressing your diners, sometimes it all comes down to the finishing touch. A salamander grill is a multi-purpose cooking device that keeps hot dishes up to temperature, and gives grilled food that delicious, golden finish. With these high-temperature grills from expert brands such as Royal Catering, you can make the most of every second of cooking time until it’s time to hit the tables.

With a salamander grill, every dish is served hot, crisp and fresh

The salamander grill has been a staple in professional kitchen equipment for decades. Known for reaching particularly high temperatures, they originally took their name from the salamander, which, according to myth, is said to be immune to fire! Years on, these high-powered devices have a home in restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, hotel buffets, and food kiosks. A salamander grill primarily acts as either a high-powered grill, particularly for gratiné dishes, or an effective method to keep hot dishes up to temperature in the vital minutes before serving. They also act as a high-volume toaster and a great solution for grilling sandwiches. Our cheapest salamander grill reaches up to 250 degrees C, and is ideal for preparing or reheating sandwiches, baguettes, pizzas, or casseroles. With three separate tray slots, it offers plenty of room to heat several dishes at once. When it comes to grilled and baked foods, that crisp, golden finish is the crowning glory. With our most powerful salamander grill, the 3.25kW toaster from Royal Catering, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 300 degrees, you can achieve that golden finish every time. Like each salamander grill in the Expondo range, this compact device is designed in robust stainless steel, which is highly durable and easy to clean. With intuitive temperature control, the chrome grill reaches your desired heat setting quickly and remains consistent throughout cooking. Each salamander grill is designed with a convenient removable crumb tray, so clean-up is made easy!

Time to turn up the heat in the kitchen

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