Kebab Machine

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The kebab has unsurprisingly found home in kitchens and restaurants across the globe. This traditional Turkish dish has evolved across continents, from Greek Gyros and fragrant Arabic shawarmas to spicy tacos-al-pastor in Mexico. Our kebab machine and slicer offers an efficient, reliable cooking method suitable with a wide range of flavourful meats and vegetables; the perfect addition to your restaurant, food-stall or snack bar equipment.

Our kebab machine provides efficient cooking that locks in every flavour

From traditional family meal, late-night snack to street-food lunch on-the-go, across the globe, the traditional Döner kebab has many names and disguises. In Germany alone, it’s responsible for 3.5 billion euro of sales each year! No matter how you name it, dress it or serve it, with our quality kebab machine from the Royal Catering range, you can be confident that every slice is cooked to perfection and packed with flavour. A kebab machine is an essential piece of catering equipment for any food truck, restaurant, or snack bar serving Döner kebab. Our kebab machine is even suitable for home-use, for those of you with a passion for this traditional dish or looking for a great cooking option to serve guests at parties. The texture and flavour created by this traditional Turkish cooking method cannot be recreated using a conventional grill. The rotating rods ensure that every layer is cooked evenly, creating a delicious and moist flavour, with a satisfying crispy finish. Our kebab machine is suitable for a wide range of meat kebab choices, such as chicken, lamb or beef. And in a world where many diners are choosing vegan and vegetarian options, ingenious chefs are now using their kebab machine to create delectable seitan kebabs, using this versatile vegan alternative. The spit turns your chosen meat 360 degrees so it’s cooked evenly from all sides. Thanks to the open structure, you can cut your meat quickly and easily, directly from the spit. With separate heating and cooling elements on 3 levels, and ceramic tiles with a refractory surface, the cooking process is not only adaptable and efficient, but energy-saving.

Your Kebab Kitchen

For the perfect serving companion for your kebab machine, our stainless steel kebab slicer can be adjusted for slices between 1-8 mm. With a rotating speed of 3200 rpm, you can use the kebab slicer to cut the meat effortlessly and precisely and directly from the spit. But we have plenty more ingenious gadgets and devices in the Expondo range to add to your snack bar supplies, and create a fully functional kebab-kitchen! Döner kebab is traditionally served in freshly grilled pita bread or with spiced bulgur and salad. But we’ll get to the sides and sauces later! Our contact grills are the ideal choice to quickly warm up a delicious pitta to house your kebab (not to mention a great choice for grilled sandwiches, paninis, burger buns, quesadillas, and more!). Now on to the fillings! To keep your crunchy salads, zingy pickles, spicy sauces, and cooling yogurts, fresh to eat, colourful to the eye and ready to serve, our full range of countertop fridges are made of quality stainless steel and come in a variety of sizes to suit your kitchen’s needs. Finally, who could forget the crowning feature of any snack-bar or fast-food outlet? Our deep fat fryer range features a range of open and closed units to whip up a batch after batch of the world’s favourite French-fries. In our full range of cooking devices you’ll also find rotisserie grills, plate grills, soup hotpots and more. But remember that at Expondo, we don’t just serve your kitchen, but your entire workspace. Keep an eye on our full range when investing in craft supplies or new industrial equipment.