Pastries Deep Fat Fryers

Is there any better treat than deep fried dessert? Well, we’ve leave that debate up to you. One thing we’re sure of, is that a winning deep fried treat must be cooked to perfection – with a crisp, golden finish, and a delicious fluffy filling. The perfect éclairs, doughnuts or churros require a delicate touch and consistent cooking to pass the taste test. With a specialised pastries deep fat fryer from the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher, your work is made easy. And better yet, your kitchen will be safer and more efficient for all.

A safe and efficient pastries deep fat fryer for all types of restaurants

• Single or double fryer • Versatile • Easy to clean • Safe and intuitive draining • Durable stainless steel • Automatic temperature control

Deep fried treats are a favourite on countless occasions, from an indulgent breakfast treat, a funfair snack, or the perfect ending to a three-course meal. For added versatility, your pastries deep fat fryer can also be used to prepare savoury snacks such as fish fingers, tempura, and chips. Our stainless steel pastries deep fat fryer range features a wide selection of sizes, to suit all kitchens. Our larger fryer units are perfect for bakeries, patisseries, and large restaurants, where the orders come in fast. And our smaller units, such as our cheapest pastries deep fat fryer, are ideal for compact cafes, food trucks, and caterers on the go – a versatile addition to your portable snack bar equipment. Who said doughnuts aren’t appropriate at weddings? With our lightweight pastries deep fat fryer from the Royal Catering, you can operate your own mobile doughnut factory – all that’s left is to whip up some delicious fillings! A specialised pastries deep fat fryer is safer to use than traditional chip pans full of hot oil, so the safety of your staff and guests is always number one. Our double pastries deep fat fryer from the Royal Catering is ideal for whipping up high volumes of sweet treats. Fitted with two baskets and a convenient storage shelf, so you can manage two batches of pastries at once, while allowing the third batch to cool. Each pastries deep fat fryer in our range is fashioned with high quality stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. With safe and intuitive drainage features and clear LED signal, operating your pastries deep fat fryer is a piece of cake (or maybe a doughnut!). To ensure an even cook (and a delicious fluffy texture), each pastries deep fat fryer is designed with fully automatic temperature control.

Plenty more ways to serve up snacks

• Wide range of deep fat fryers • Gas, electric and induction powered • Choice of cooking gadgets • Pasta makers, food smokers and contact grills • Stainless steel burger presses • Efficient vegetable choppers

In expondo’s full range of catering equipment, you’ll find plenty more ingenious cooking and prepping solutions for every meal of the day, wherever you cook. As well as our pastries deep fat fryer range, we have a wide selection of deep fat fryers, including gas, electric and induction models for whipping up snack bar favourites like chicken wings and fries. Our cooking gadgets also feature pasta makers, food smokers, and versatile contact grills for making burgers, sandwiches and quesadillas. For a great way to add a personal touch to your dinner run or your next barbeque, check out our range of stainless steel burger presses. Our burger presses allow you to whip up your own delicious homemade burger recipes by creating neatly packed, uniform patties, ready to pop on the grill. Of course, if you are preparing fries, salads and other vegetable dishes, you’ll know that chopping and dicing can be lengthy task. Save time and energy in the kitchen with one of our fruit and vegetable choppers, with specially designed devices for slicing, dicing, shredding and spiralling. The choice is yours! Remember, the Expondo range doesn’t stop at kitchen ware. For the rest of your home and business needs, check out our wide selection of professional tools and industrial supplies for labs, factories and schools.