Food Smoker

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Mankind has been using the method of smoking meats and fish since pre-historic times, and unsurprisingly, we haven’t lost our taste for this ingenious technique. The RCRO-1300 Food Smoker takes this ancient cooking method into the 21st century with unbeatable temperature control and storage capacity. Add the aromatic art of food-smoking to your restaurant or grill-house with our professional eight-shelve food-smoker from Royal Catering.

Create authentic smoked meat and fish dishes with our professional food smoker

• Prepare a variety of dishes in an authentic and traditional way • Modern design offers precise temperature control for the perfect finish • Large capacity perfect for restaurants or grill-houses • Stainless steel premium quality

The eight shelf food smoker from the experts at Royal Catering opens up a world of new and distinctive flavours to your kitchen. There is nothing quite as tantalising to the seafood-lover than the aroma of smoked fish, mouth-watering from the word go. For a whopping variation of the classic seafood chowder, add a little smoked haddock, and you’ve got a dish that packs a punch. Even served cold, a slice of delicate smoked salmon needs only a quick squeeze of lemon, and you’re on to a sure winner. Our food smoker is also ideal for a wide variety of meats. Give your diners a meal they’ll never forget with barbequed home-smoked ribs and steaks, a cold starter of mouth-watering parma ham, or a smoked chicken salad in the summer months. This pre-historic culinary technique not only creates incredible, memorable flavours, but acts as a natural preservation method, allowing you to prepare your ingredients in large batches and keep the flavour and freshness locked in for weeks. With a food smoker, you can impress your guests by combining several cooking methods. Why not stir up a delicious smoke sausage goulash with a hotpot from our cooking gadget range? Or fire up a glistening smoked ribeye steak on one of our many grilling solutions. You could even pair your smoker with a blender from our supply of culinary equipment, and whip up a delicious smoked mackerel pate! The combinations are endless!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

• Pursue your catering dreams with guaranteed safety and quality • No project is too big or small with our extensive and tailored range • Invest in top range products to save yourself unnecessary costs later • Combine our products to complete your culinary project

To operate your food smoker, the incense cabinet is closed and the firebox filled with wood chips – these provide the distinctive smoky taste! The firebox can be fixed easily without opening the cabinet, so as not to let out any smoke during the cooking process. The temperature range is 0 - 110 °C, making it ideal for both cold and hot smoking. Monitor temperature and timing using the intuitive display settings, and built-in alarm with a maximum setting of 120 minutes. With a flexible storage capacity of 40 x 34 x 108 cm, the free-standing food smoker provides plenty of room for your fish and meats. Throughout cooking, food can be hung by hooks or placed on one of the eight shelves, saving you space and giving you the freedom to experiment with cooking styles. As with all of our craft supplies and our selection of industrial supplies, safety is an absolute priority when it comes to our food smoker. Ashes can be safely removed from the collecting tray below the smoker, and grease by means of an internal tray, which protects the firebox and the floor of the smoking cabinet from contamination. As with all items in our range of stainless steel furniture, this robust material ensures a long-lasting, hardwearing and highly hygienic machine, giving you years of return on investment, and saving you precious time in the clean-up process. At Expondo we supply a wide range of ovens, grills and other cooking solutions, from our food smoker above, to our wide variety of contact grills, pasta makers and our deep fat fryers. Whatever your chosen cooking style, you can depend on us when upgrading your kitchen supplies.